gallery HaPpy 4th of Jul-Eye!


Today is kind of a hallmark day in the kingdom of V.

(Please enjoy this image of reportedly the 1st American Flag, in celebration)

Not only is it Otis’s (my black Siamese) 14th Birthday, I have one full year of no pot SMOKING under my belt today!!

So it is a REALLY good day in our home!

HaPpy. Healthy. Whole~

(V smiles contently)


  1. Hi (mom) V. The last weeks and months have been disastrous for me. The fight with Sophia has reached to a dead end and I was desperate. After discussing the issue with a father of mine we concluded that there is an opportunity to become friends with Sophia after such a long fight. This perspective made me kind of happy and content.So the 4th of July is not only a milestone in your kingdom but also in my kingdom. You also mentioned forgiveness in one of your topics and this must be the basis for any positive progress.


  2. This is Charles from members portal. Congratulations on one year under your belt.
    They always say 1 day at a time, you now have 365 of them. Keep up the good work.


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