gallery Rumor Control~

How about we clear a few things up.

I have caught wind of a few rumors, and I thought I might as well tie the truth down, in case you have caught the same breeze!

Image result for wind


1) I am not losing my verification and/or status.

2) I am not Gay. Although I AM HaPpy!

3) I am not leaving the outreach.  I am taking more time for V!

4) I am not jealous of anyone! Nor would I trade my life for any other, Jeez.

5) I have been separated for 3 years, but am still married. To a man. HA!

6) I am not having an affair with Brad. Eww. He’s my brother!

7) I did not write ILLUMINATIAM

8) I am not Racist! Um…Have you seen my Council?

9) My daughter thinks the IAM are junk merchants. Yep. That one is true!

10) Nope, I am not trying to call RH on the phone. Also, he is on not on any list of mine unless of course, he is secretly BACON! Lol

11) Yes, this is my “real” hair color. Well, for the most part, anyway~

12) Nope. I do NOT work for the Department of Distribution aka DODIS. Please direct your Merch related questions to them, not me. Thx!


Hope this helps clear up any confusion!

Gad zooks…Hahahahaha~




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