Rumor Control (Revised)

How about we clear a few things up, shall we?

I have caught wind of a few rumors, and I thought I might as well tie the truth down, in case you have caught the same breeze!


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1) I am not losing my verification and/or Level. The rumor that Tiffany M Boa was spreading, is fallacious. This has been confirmed by The Illuminati themselves, on Twitter.

2) I am not Gay. Although I AM HaPpy! Amber Jewel is completely erroneous.

3) I am not leaving the outreach. Although I do have an exit strategy, and a quickly approaching date to do so, if this BS continues without IAM addressing it.

4) I am not jealous of anyone! Nor would I trade my life for any other, Jeez!

5) I have been separated for 3 years, but am still married. To a man. HA!

6) I am not having an affair with Brad Adams. Ewww. He’s my brother!

7) I did not write ILLUMINATIAM, Illuminations Etc.

8) I am not Racist! Um…Have you seen my Council?

9) My daughter thinks the IAM are junk merchants. Yep. That one is true!

10) Nope, I am not trying to call Richard Henry on the phone. Also, he is on not on any “watch list” of mine. I have asked that he be looked in on, though.  I am truly concerned about him.

11) Yes, this is my “real” hair color and I LOVE it~

12) Nope. I do NOT work for the Department of Distribution aka DODIS. Please direct your Merch related questions to them, not me. Thx!

13) I am not corrupt, nor do I abuse my so-called “power”. If I did, many of you would flee this outreach in shame! Muuuahaa~

14) Yes. I do have eyes in the back of my head. They are always watching 360.

15) No, I absolutely am NOT threatened by anyone. Especially those who have yet to climb the Illuminati’s pyramid as far up as I have~

16) Yes, I do banish people from my kingdom for a variety of reasons, and often without warning. I owe no one an explanation for my actions. However, common banishment’s occur to those who post porn or lie.

17) NO, I do not speak on behalf of the Illuminati. YES, I do speak about them! LOTS

18) Yes, I am absolutely aware of the screenshots circulating of my comments, which were spoken to folks I once trusted, in confidence. I stand by every (unedited) word I utter. However careless, crass, unkind, or uncool. If you are receiving copies of my private opinions from anyone, I would deeply consider the nature of the person sharing them with you. Any attempt to defame my character, speaks far more about the person doing so, than it ever will me. Additionally, every word you print in response, is also subject to the same treatment. So for your own protection please keep that in mind, and act accordingly.


Hope this helps clear up any confusion!

Gad zooks…Hahahahaha~




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