Habits and Habitats~


This path can be very distressing for those who value integrity and character. At least that has been my experience, because I value these things.

A cake walk like no other: It is hard to watch obviously unenlightened and erroneously entitled humans, jockey for a seat at a table they have not yet been invited to dine at.

I have learned the hard way, you cannot trust people simply because you have something in common with them. Even IF, it happens to be something as rarefied as an interest in the Illuminati.

I have seen alliances made on the mutual hate of another, in the name of friendship. Yet they are untrustworthy vows, made by the dishonest -in an attempt to sooth their shared misery.

This organization of Light has cast a shadow so dark, so pervasive, than those caught on the fringes, often mimic the mindset of the deeply disturbed, and the clinically insane. Never mind, the criminal.

Every time I turn around, someone is sharing a screenshot of someone else; betraying me. There are no secrets here, and very little that is sacred, for saints.

Be very careful who you align yourselves with, Beacons. For you shall ultimately be known by the associations you resonate with the most.

Your frequency cannot be hidden. It is always revealed by those you surround yourself with.  You ARE your associations. Your friends.

Your habits & your habitats!

You will not become a better version of yourself, with those who do not know; better.

T R U S T  N O  O NE  -The Illuminati (ILLUMINATIAM)

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