Ranking and getting real~


This is just me talkin’. I am not shooting for literary genius here. But I do want you guys to listen to what I am going to say, and give it the careful consideration it deserves. Knowing these things will take the pressure off of those who are truly just here to help, regardless of ranks, badges, or honors. I am not seeking to discourage anyone, but the truth must be told, because too many Initiates have been incorrect in what they are parroting. Bottom line, contrary to popular belief not everyone who has asked to join the ranks for The Illuminati, will be accepted into membership.

I am sorry to have to say this, but most of you clearly do not have the Illuminati mindset. You must be of a certain mentality, to be invited to rank among the best and the brightest of our species.  I don’t even believe I have it. So I am not ripping on anyone, I am trying to get you guys to land your balloons. I need you all to see things as they really are, so you can walk this path with intention and in all seriousness. Fooling yourself into believing you are on par with the likes of those who make up the Giving Pledge is delusional. Unless you can take a honest and ruthless inventory of your strengths, and weaknesses, you cannot develop past the point you are currently at. You must be willing to be made better, and you must be willing for the extremely painful growth to take years, possibly even decades to accomplish.

This is not something you can fake by having one face out front, and a completely different one, behind the scenes. While diplomacy is something we all employ publicly, people of integrity are not two entirely different creatures, once the diplomatic mask comes off.  It concerns me that so many of you do not understand this. The Illuminati knows precisely who you really are, in all instances. They are like Santa Claus, they KNOW if you have been naughty, or nice. Most folks who do their own inventory taking know they are imperfect, and are continuously striving to become better versions of themselves. While the rest of you are fully convinced you are so freaking special, IAM cannot possibly run the world without you!

It’s those who truly believe they are ‘the next big thing’, that do not evaluate themselves with the ruthless honesty necessary of leaders. Their super ego is such that they are unable to make an accurate assessment of self. They have moved beyond a healthy self esteem, and into unmerited conceit, rendering them incapable of being objective. While they can and do can fool themselves, or even some of the less discerning among us, they CANNOT bamboozle IAM.  The Illuminati knows and sees all. And I do mean ALL. By ALL, I even mean your slander behind the scenes, your slithering business practices, and your sociopathic desire to hurts others, for sport. Nothing is lost on these guys. Even though I have repeatedly said as much, because IAM has let you run amuk without accountability, you do not believe me. You believe that you are the type of person they seek.  I wish I could say The Illuminati would draw a precise line in the sand, but I doubt they will. They do not care about your immorality. But they surely do care about the integrity of those who occupy ranking membership roles. Something I find extremely comforting, given the rumors that are spoken about me.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would think for a minute, bashing a choice the Illuminati has made, will garner them favor with IAM. But they do it all the time. It is one thing to question why IAM has done something, it is another to slander and harass someone they have placed value on. Some in this community have made it their full time jobs to spread lies about me, never once considering how that might look, to those who see me in another Light altogether. Lighting I should add, that shows ALL flaws with glaring accuracy!  This is the kind of human behavior that has  proven to me without a doubt, humans need IAMs protection and direction. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, someone or something needs to watch out for us. Left to our own devices, we would surely extinct ourselves. If it were not the law of the land, folks would have already killed me, thinking it would benefit them somehow, if they did so.

I know the Illuminati knows better than I, what I am made of.  So I strive to see myself through their eyes, on the days mine are clouded with the tears of perceived failure. I am not just OK with yielding my personal desires to their higher authority, I welcome it in my life. I believe in what IAM is wanting to accomplish with humanity. So much so, I want to help in any way I can. That includes stepping out of the way, if that is what is needed for the greater good. I do not want to ever be a hindrance to The Illuminati or this outreach. I came here to help and I believe I have. But if I am wrong, I am open to admitting it, if they will show me the errors in my ways.

So let me address this issue head on, because there are those in this “family” that are calling for my head. They blame me for their shortcomings, and the divisiveness they believe exists, never once considering it is they who are causing the divide. But if I got it wrong, and I am truly a diabolical human being who is just just too blind to see it, by all means IAM cut me off short, and elevate someone else! If I am not smart enough or lack the integrity to continue this path, by all means, shout that shit out to the masses! I am totally cool with it. I never expected I would get this far anyway, so if this is the end of the road for me, I am still proud of my journey. So yeah, ditch me if you must, kick me to the curb. I can live with whatever you decide. That is not to say it won’t hurt to step away, as I am deeply and emotionally invested in this gig, but none of this is about me anyway. So I will do what must be done. Just say the word, no shaming necessary, and I will gone. The sword is drawn. Do you need me to fall on it, IAM?

So what am I really saying here?  In summary, I am telling you guys most will never become ranking members with The Illuminati. PERIOD. And by most, I am speaking about you, and those who you think of as leaders, are probably not Illuminati material at all.  IAMs standards are higher than most can conceive of. I have also said I Don’t think that I am made of the right stuff, but I surely strive to be.  I am also saying that IAM can jerk me up short right now, if the group consensus of sheep, is the ruling class here.

If you think I have failed them IAM, please remove me now, and find a Shepherd the sheep will respect and follow. This movement deserves to have leadership we all can rely on, and if I have failed to prove my worth in that way, please do not hesitate to remove me swiftly. However, I humbly ask that you please be kind about it. Even if I suck at being a leader, I have been a better sheep than most, and for that reason alone, I deserve a quick slander and a clean exit~

Thank you!






  1. I feel this same way, although even if I do feel that way and am not the right material at all I would like to stick around and see how this plays out. Also to see where I can help even if I’m all the way at the bottom. So that I can see where this organization goes and who takes it where it needs to be. I do not feel I am looked at as a serious candidate only as a liability in training.

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  2. What I don’t understand is : Either that one wants to rank up or not to do what is right should be
    done at any level by citizens even by those that have nothing to do with the Illuminati let alone the initiates , of course I believe that someone or something has the means to know anything and
    everything that has to do with us humans .
    The first testament says that the Illuminati have nothing to do with religions nor with anything
    that divides us they are interested in our own survival but yet while we try to figure out what is
    the best way to be is along comes religious organizations some of which are soo far
    away from what I think the Illuminati is about , other organizations works so hard in making us
    initiates join them ,even if perhaps are Illuminati in they owned right , they do not sound like to
    have the same orientation of the first testament .
    It is NOT easy to follow the Light so I have only two things to follow : 1 Is what the Oath’s asks
    & 2 is to do it with the knowledge of what I have read in the first testament .
    The fact that I may rank up one day is only a possibility and if I don’t it will be because has to be this way and NOT because I did not care , however I think we should not be left to deal with so many scammers even though it make no difference to me it does make everything harder than it should .
    I do not have to justify myself to anyone I just carry on in the path I AM and if I was to be wrong I will have learned something there to , mistakes in learning are not sins when the intention is betterment is only due to working for betterment that we might make a few more than the people that do not even try .
    Even if I do not agree with others for the way that they are it is none of my business but better everyone has the right to be whatever they are & even where that would lead others as well it is none of my business , in fact I just hope that among all of us there is the one , a few or many that gets it right because with would all benefit . It is not all strait forward just like a boat at the mercy of the seas & winds but there is only one captain in my boat when I face the choices .


  3. V ~ You are far too hard on yourself, the mistakes others made against you are not your fault … let them unpleasant carry their dog heads in shame and if justice wants its proper course, then IAM should remove these individuals instead … you are the one who keeps order outside the various gateways of the member … you are needed now & always for this organization to be able to grow and reach the future with more loyal people who are willing to follow the right path to what is lighter.
    I am not a leader nor a full member, but I can still see what is right & wrong and may well find it hard to say something 🙂 I agreed to both curiosity and because I liked what the organization was for in word and sentence, wish it existed at an earlier stage in life, maybe 20 years back in time:) but even if you never get completely approved, you can give their support to what you believe in as long as possible before life say good night & goodbye to one 🙂

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    • Thank you for your reply Mats. I just want what is best for everyone. None of this is about me. If IAM finds fault with my performance, I just want them to be merciful and let me know ASAP.

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  4. Stand firm V~,our only L1.1 initiate, we are behind you. Illuminati made no mistake to rank you that way. Let those who don’t measure up get out of the way, It hurts when a leader comes to irrationally stand in the way of well meaning, well intentioned Illuminatiam outreach work. Genuine and innocent seekers and followers should not lose confidence and trust in their organization because of some individual(s). Glad to see that my / our concern is your concern.

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      • V, you are a very intelligent woman and I am learning.You know when we are upset, you know when we are fighting with some serious issues at home.You know what we do and say on the computer, you know when we are having sex, you know when we use profanity, you know what we are thinking, you know!you even know when we use fucked up words, grammar, metaphors, you know, 😆 Thanks for being you, V- you have all my respect!

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    • Oh,yeah, V, I saw this woman today in the store.This woman, looks just like you.This woman was small built with beautiful long greyish 💇.She was beautiful.And, I remember, being in line and this lady stepped back so I could pay for my items!

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  5. You pretty much said what I had been thinking for a long time. I have removed myself from all side groups due to the misinformation being spread and the redundancy. People are taking on roles that they have claimed are their position in the Illuminati, as if they were assigned and given directives.

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    • I have grown really weary of the games that people play in this outreach. So I am with you there, Robert! I am not sure this is for me anymore. IAM is MIA, and those that remain save for a few, undermine everything me and my team try to do 😦


  6. I do not fault anybody for trying but nobody really knows what the real plan is. We don’t work for the Illuminati. We are just pawns in the game until someone shines a light that the Illuminati is scanning for.

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  7. Don’t you see guys, V isn’t speaking on herself.Its more of a 2nd of 3rd person.Reason; like V said” they see everything” any mistakes that are made by anyone of us, are accounted for.So, what she does, she speak for us as if it was in our own VOICE! That way; we can fix the problem before it is way out of control.And, once, it is out of control, there is no fixing! so, when V sends a email, you can best believe, that email is YOU! Not her.V is already branded.We are trying to get brand.


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