gallery Trees are Talkative~

I miss this gal. She was camped right outside my deck for 7 years in a former home I occupied. She would chat me up from time to time, and I thought perhaps I had lost my mind. She even told me her name on a few occasions, but I could never remember it. It wasn’t a common name to recall. I remember it started with an A, like Ariella or something beautiful like that.


She told me something once that I have never forgotten. It haunts me every fire season as a result. It was something I had not considered before she mentioned it. She described to me the sheer panic and despair trees feel when a fire is coming for them. And I do mean them, as they are connected at their roots. Imagine the terror, of seeing death come for you like that!


She had a sense of humor, if you can believe that. She told me once that it was trees themselves who started the wind, not the sun telling them to do so. I laughed, thinking she was pulling my tail. But I often wonder. I do not recall catching her in a lie. So there’s that.


I felt safe around her, like she was always watching out for me. When the trimmers would come, I would be as upset as she was. One such trim was so extreme, we were both extremely upset by it. She did not mind an occasional “hair cut”, but this would have been akin to having you hair chopped off far shorter than you like it to be. It took us awhile to get past that.


I went to see her recently. I missed her like you wouldn’t believe. I needed to get pictures of her again. I had lost the ones I had taken before. I feel like I can connect to her telepathically, and looking at her image helps. I know it seems ridiculous that I would have had a friendship with a tree, but I did and do. She would wave at me when everything else was still. I knew what was happening to us was real, because of it. It would be dead calm and I would ask her to move, and she would. Makes me think trees really do create the winds…


  1. Movement is energy & any form , either that gets moved or stays still , is energy . Now when we look at a snow globe it only appear to be clear glass but try to shake it and snow pop’s up , it wasn’t visible until the shake & all of a sudden this globe comes alive , energy is what it also known as Soul but a soul has energy that lived with creation learning the betterment due to necessity created by the spark of energy that will be endlessly creating , that is why I often think about what is I AM if not for becoming . An I AM without a becoming is like contained energy just as good as dead only thanks to becoming .
    So if you ask me I would say that the tree is much as alive as you and me , there are powers in nature and a tree is a part of it so it must have other powers to , highly possible in my view .


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