gallery My 2 V’s~


There is no question in my mind, there are two V’s within me. And they can be competitive af, when left to their own devices.  They both see things very differently, and neither are hesitant to chime in. I used to think maybe something was wrong with me, until I realized that this devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other, was a thing others have noticed too. Countless cartoons and conversations over my lifetime, have validated, this shared human condition.

One of these gals who resides within me, comes off like a sarcastic bitch. She is the one with all the spice. She is your Mum, on crack. It is she who can be condescending, and perhaps perceived as ruthless. She is domineering and aggressive.  But she is also fearless. It is she who defends and protects the ecosystem known as V.  Without her, the other gal within me, would just erode under the weight of her own empathetic tears. That version is far too sensitive and kind-hearted, to get along with out spicy V.  There are way too many experiences in life,  where those traits would be walked all over, to not have lioness V, watching out for the pussycat. When these two distinct aspects of self are combined, harmony and balance occur… and a third thing emerges.

This my friends, is spiritual alchemy.

This is the Light mastering the darkness within, and teaching it to use its ‘so called’ negative force, for positive things. This is the intersection by where a third party is born. When we have recognized the two within us, and we have taught them to unify, and work together as one one,  we have given birth to the perfected version of ourselves. And while keeping these guys on the same page can be a true challenge at times, it is well worth the effort. It is this mastery, that turns good men*, into great ones~


*Term used loosely.


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