Judge this!!

Oh how I hate it when folks just attach meanings to words; willy-nilly!

I mean, why in the hell have a freaking dictionary, if we aren’t going to honor the agreed upon definitions, and just make the shit up as we go. As a wordsmith, I truly loathe it when folks (including myself) go off half cocked, and use the wrong words to describe something. What’s worse is, I see writers, and those with so called educations doing this far to often. It must make those who come here having learned English elsewhere, crazy. I wonder is this a uniquely American thing to do? Or has the whole world been taken in by a subjective linguistic reality that bears no resemblance, to what has been determined long ago. Seriously, is there a ongoing attempt to throw a walkies-talkie into the already complicated challenge of effective communication?? No wonder we are collectively at each other’s throats. One man’s judgement is another man’s condemnation!

Let me show you what I mean, and maybe you will be convinced to share my point of view with me. I found this on Twitter. It was written by a well known author, I have never heard of. I have nothing against this gal at all, I am actually grateful for her. So this is not personal in any way. This is just me being inspired to share my opinion, because she gave me the words that serve as a perfect example, of what I am talking about. I am of the opinion that writers should work overtime at the selecting the proper words in which to convey their ideas, thoughts or prose. Otherwise, we cannot really ever get on the same page as them.

At first glance, one might think this a beautiful sentiment. But let’s look deeper.




She claims that there is a big difference between judging and discernment. But is there? Let’s have a look at the actual definitions of each word. It is rather enlightening. As you can see, discernment is a synonym for judgement. For those of you who have forgotten what a synonym is, it means these two words can be used interchangeably. They mean exactly, or nearly the exact same thing. An example of this would be: shut and close. Two different words, same meaning.




In an effort to ridicule the word judgement as coming from a place of ‘ego’, she has inadvertently chose a word that means the same thing, except you are actually better at judging, if you can use discernment! What’s more, folks don’t realize just how Christianity has crept into our everyday language, and reworked our words, to suit. Because a Christian is NEVER to judge, (only the creator of the planet can do that), they have graciously provided another way to say the same thing, resulting in something akin to linguistics on crack. Because the subtle message here is, Christians are better at judging, because you know; “God”.


Are we to really believe that the heart is a better judge than our heads? That feelings outrank logic? That logic is ego based? Because that makes zero sense to me! We have a heart, AND a head -which seems freaking intentional to me. Never mind it being a clue indicating this isn’t an either OR gig. Both are necessary to make decisions, and choices for ourselves. One should never eclipse the other. Both should be employed. Given her point of view is heavy laden with new age semantics, she doesn’t even see the root of her ideas have been determined by the Church. Something I find deliciously, ironic. But she isn’t alone. The entire cult of the “new age” does the same thing. It is just repackaged rhetoric for sale, It’s target audience is those attempting to flee the oppression, of thought restrictive religion. If you do not think they are of the same ilk, try inserting logic into a conversation held by their masses. You will be met with the same aggressive resistance that church folk used on the profane, back in the day. But I digress….MOOoooo…

If you have read my other article on the subject of judgment, you should quickly discover that people needn’t fear it. Even the Bible authors didn’t seem to understand the difference between judgment and condemnation. Or perhaps the linguistic scholars that did the translations, did not. Either way, they obviously still thought of a tornado, as God’s way of saying, ‘fuck you’ and the village you live in. Oh wait, he would never have said it like THAT! He surely would have said ‘screw you’, instead!

Listen, Beacons. Let me put this as simply as I can. We are going into the age of Light now. Light is reasonable. It is logical. It is not a jealous god born as a man, who identifies as a unicorn, and is attracted to Aliens who look like light bulbs, Ok. So, PLEASE use your heads AND follow your heart. The best path for you, can be found where the two intersect,  and are in alignment.

Always consult both. Oh, and consult your dictionary once in awhile, too~


  1. The English I use is as good as it gets and always progressing , it is not the language I grow up with but I will do my best .

    Logic follows Net-work or pathways . Net as ” fishing Net ” is used by fishermen to catch fishes , so I agree with you when you saying use both ” Mind and Heart ” The Heart only can rescue us from a frying pan just as the Head only can keep us from making the mistake of having a Blind Faith .haha .
    As for our ancestors or authors of the many religious books I AM sure that have done their best but in how many hands have these books landed and how many words could have been twisted ?
    Blind Faith is exactly what the words would make one to understand it ” Blind ” unconditional Faith can be given if its source is known , in this case the only Faith to have is in one’s Heart , to be Faithful to the Heart is as close as it gets in being Faithful to a creator , at an emotional level meaning with Love .
    Meditation has not connections with Head or Heart , it is neither science nor a religion but has helped in Time of overloads .


  2. I think it’s easy to be deceived by both religions & different books and what they stand for … many go to church just for the tradition or so the neighbor doesn’t look strange at them or they shouldn’t be slandered as pagans of ort borne
    Man usually reacts like a robot and takes in everything that would be amen in the church
    What one must learn if one now believes in a god, he, she does not live in church, God is everywhere, so no one has to go to church to get in touch if one is believer.
    Since the Bible is not written by a god but by a human being a conqueror who shaped the text according to his own thinking and will.
    The nose did not acknowledge the Christian Church at the beginning that Jesus was the son of God, but changed when one noticed that one could use his name to attract people to his church (double morality) may seem.
    Words different sentences and interpretations of translations can be very wrong, eg translate English into Swedish straight over or vice versa usually become wrong or it simply does not go, the words may come in the wrong form & meaning
    sentences are wrong … eg (We are always watching out for you)
    (we always keep you up ????) gets like little error 🙂 .. instead of (we always keep an eye on you), so much can be wrong … this text is also used by google’s translation tool from swedish to english so there may be some errors that one must have indulgence with 🙂 But hope you can understand the most anyway 🙂


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