gallery The Key to Forgiveness~

We all know forgiveness is important, it has been preached from every pulpit.

However I am going to bump that up a notch, and say it is absolutely essential, if you are on a path towards enlightenment. It is impossible to hold the kind of vibration that elevates one beyond the mundane, without literally lightening our loads, energetically.

Those who know me personally, know I would not have survived my challenging life, had I not moved into forgiveness, and cleared the clouds that hovered over me long after those that wounded me, moved on. I would not have been able to survive having been kidnapped, raped, tortured or abused without forgiveness’s liberating effects on my soul -much less become victorious over them. I would have remained a prisoner to the very things in my life, which sought to destroy me.

Be it unintentional or premeditated, people and/or situations can leave deep cuts in our hearts that can take decades to heal. Even if we are actively working on forgiveness, some things just take longer to heal, due to the nature of the trauma. While others, which are relatively minor offenses, still fall into the grooves left by the deeper slices, and amplify them.

I have learned I am an incredibly sensitive person, despite the hard candy shell that surrounds my soul. So the things that would roll off another persons back, sticks to my feathers and threatens my flight, if I allow them to build up. I am ever vigilant to preen the sticky droplets of harm, however some of them trickle in, far deeper than I can feel on the surface of my shell. Adding more insulting salt, to my existing injuries.

Recently, it was revealed to me, that I had hardened my heart due to an abscess of pus filled pain that went undetected, even after I worked so hard to clean up the area over the years. Not only did I face horrific slander, lies, and harassment by those claiming to follow the same ideals I do, it tapped into the heart of a child who was eclipsed by the needs of a sibling, the teenage girl who as a virgin, was rumored to be a slut, the misunderstood adult, that never truly fit in. It reopened old wounds that were not yet healed enough, to sustain another similar attack. The tender scars pierced far too easily with repeated vicious stabs meant to draw blood.

Instead, those gashes merely revealed the resentment that still lived just below the surface, with tentacles to the abscess of unresolved conflict. The experience had punctured through to the infection that was festering in the darkness, begging to see the light of day, so I could finally heal -once and for all.   An absolutely HELLACIOUS experience to be sure. But one I am exceedingly grateful for, as it allowed me the opportunity to pull at the root that had tethered me to a vibration I desperately needed to get free from, to advance. A dull ache that permeated everything about me, now that I could actually see the twisted and poisonous cables, it created around my soul.

It would take me almost a full year of screaming to the moon in fits of rage akin the the death throes of a dying animal, to give expression to pain that was previously sucked down, and hidden. My guttural screaming was always followed by a trillion tears over flowing into the painful cracks, and down into the septic areas to be cleansed and restored. I cannot even tell you guys, what a gut wrenching process this was. I hurt like hell! Instead of following my own advice that would have led to a quicker path out of the hell I found myself in, I ruminated and relived my injuries, essentially enshrining my enslavement to them. Instead of severing them with the only healing salve that can cure, forgiveness.

Finally, after months of torment, I reached the end of myself. It was then that providence (surely sick of seeing me suffer) stepped in, and threw me the key to my release from my anguish in the form of a family member, I will call “J”. After empathizing with my situation, she reminded me how important empathy was in overcoming my natural defenses. In the wake of her encouragement, I knew if I could find empathy again, forgiveness would surely follow. And it certainly did.

Empathy was the key I needed, to unlock forgiveness.

Forgiveness comes far easier with random hit and run attacks, than it does with ongoing injury. So many of us face something similar to what I just described, because the pain is ever present and is coming from a loved one we cannot avoid. Perhaps I can encourage you guys to develop empathy too, as it is the precursor to forgiveness, and the key to our release from the bondage it creates in us. Without forgiveness, we remained tethered to a vibration that is not only impeding our spiritual growth, it aids and abets the darkness within us. Thus crippling our journey towards the Light.

To empathize is to identify with someones journey.  It is the act of truly understanding where someone is coming from, and seeing the similarities in our own experience. It is about realizing that this similarity resides in the things that connect us to one another. It is about discovering that the pain someone has caused us, comes from the pain that they carry that was caused by someone else. It is a chain reaction that binds us all, to the same chains we all need to get free from. Once we fully grasp this shared bondage, our sympathy will lead us to the balm of forgiveness. In forgiveness, we purge the impurity and disease of passed around pain.

We are taught forgiveness is for us, and not those who caused us to grief. Yet I assert that energetically, it is for us all. As each one of us is released from the darkness of emotional agony, it brings us all UP into the liberating and healing Light, by way of example. An example that is energetically contagious when we share our stories of release, to encourage someone else to forgive too. Thus changing the world, when we have truly, and forever changed ourselves.

Because after all…we are all one, are we not?





  1. Sometimes because of the pain we don;t see how our actions affect others, we forgive and remember the events but without anger, in the end we have to forgive or we will be carrying that “baggage” until we let go, it frees our minds, spirits, body and we also find a new place of peace regardless of what has happened to us.

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