Course Correction~

Posted: May 9, 2019 in Change, forgiviness, Grief, Hardships, Storms
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  1. Matthew Nilhes says:

    V~ The trust is not broken,you just show that you are a human whit feelings,we believe in you more than 100% and like you as much to, so don’t give up
    We need you and your knowledge, you are an excellent leader who has a lot to learn others now and for a long time into the future

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  2. Matthew Nilhes says:

    V ~ I am always there for you, and thank you for your kind reply and fine words dear sister

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  3. Go back to the Roman Catholic Church. Everything you need to know is within that venue. It was there all along.


    • V~ says:

      Go back further, dear Sister. The Roman Catholic Church is not the “Mother Church”. It has become the Synagogue of Satan, to those who held the original Gnostic mysteries. Keyword: Gnosis aka Knowledge.

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  4. Petros Regos says:

    I know forgiving is not as easy as it seems, I mean look at me I forgave the guy who almost killed me in front of the whole courtroom while he was laughing and exchanging hi fives with his lawyer – but forgiving is not forgetting it’s remembering without anger, it heals your spirit mind and body and a path of peace opens regardless what has happened to you – when we reach that point the next hurt is a lot easier to overcome

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