My Glorious Ego~


If I hear one more new age guru tell me to kill my ego, I am going to scream so loud, California will fall into the ocean due to the sheer vibration of it!!

  1. a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
    “a boost to my ego”
    synonyms: self-esteem, self-importance, self-worth, self-respect, self-conceit, self-image, self-confidence;

    amour propre
    “he needed a boost to his ego”
    • Psychoanalysis
      the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.
    • Philosophy
      (in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject.

Who in the hell started the movement to suppress the internal mediator between  our conscious reality, and the unseen realm of our hidden consciousness?

No seriously, who’s bright idea was that?!

Anyone with the most scant ability to think critically, can see there are valuable aspects of the ego just by reading the agreed upon definition. Addressing an ego out of balance is one thing, but crucifying that which carried me through the darkest periods of my life is another; entirely! While I certainly think we need to keep our egos from running rough shod over another sweet spirit, preaching we should ditch it all together, is waaaay out of balance in my egotistical opinion.


I have a healthy respect, and admiration for my glorious ego. It was my ego who gave me the courage to face another day, when I was metaphorically in the ditch and bleeding out. It was my ego who got me out of bed, and raised my head enough to get through the darkest days of my life. It was my ego, who told me I had value, when the rest of the world had none, for a rarefied thinker such as myself. It was my ego who pulled me through depression, gave me confidence when I really didn’t have any, and told me I was as good as anyone else, even when I did not feel that way. I am profoundly grateful for this incredible mediator between me, and my higher self. between me and the things buried within me. Between me, and my divinity. Without a healthy ego, I would be incredibly unhealthy, and still bleeding in a ditch somewhere, unable to face another day upright, and taking nourishment.

It truly jangles my nerves when folks ask me to cast her aside, even for a moment! It isn’t like she is in my face every second of the day, anyway.  Nor does she go around lording her self importance in an effort to belittle others.  I have zero interest in losing myself in the ALL right now. I am here to experience my individuality, and to express it through my one of a kind, unduplicated personality! Oneness is my/our natural, and eternal state apart from the body, and I am here to see what I AM separately but in context of the whole, or I would not be here at all. None of us would be. It is almost as if, folks have forgotten this. I get it, we all miss that divine state in which we are part of something bigger than ourselves, but that is our base, and we WILL return to it, once we are done doing Earth stuff. So it seems ridiculous to me, to actively seek it while we are here to experience something else. It seems to me, we should keep our egos in check, not kill them.

I have actually had an independent experience of the ALL from literally out of no where, while I was freaking driving no less. So I know intimately what it is that I AM, outside of this temporary meat suit. 

Oh, and PS, it’s AWEsome!

And guess what boys and girls, I did not lose my sense of self, even as I was completely one with the total of what we all are. I am not sure if anyone will understand this, but it is -how it is.

Be that as it may, it’s also an unsustainable state of being while we are occupying a body.  I mean, maybe folks need to be reminded of who, and what they are, so that is why they seek such an experience in meditation, and hallucinogenics? But I am not one of them. I know I am something more that skin and bones. I know I am a monadic soul full of divine sunshine and spirited moxie. I have always known, even when I had no way to articulate it to even myself, much less others.

I think we all do at some level.

Or we certainly could, if we would but listen to our EGOs once in awhile!! I mean, it IS in direct communication with ALL levels of our consciousness, after all!!





Stop trying to kill your ego!

There is a positive & negative charge in all things. IE) Healthy self esteem GOOD, competitive conceit -not so much~


16 thoughts on “My Glorious Ego~

  1. As always when I see the ways expressing thoughts you do have the power to bring a smile in to the face . Yep the ego what we going to do with it , some tells us it is a bad thing while others tell us is a good thing I just say it can be a fuel for the smart that knows how much can be useful but at the same time too much can be unwelcome . Ego can make us eager which mean :
    strongly wanting to do or have something.
    “the man was eager to please”
    synonyms: anxious, impatient, waiting with bated breath, longing, yearning, aching, wishing, hoping, hopeful, thirsty, hungry, greedy; More………In short something is feeling like is missing something to be complete .
    While aspiring would be the Light that just wants be what it is in its latent state .
    It is hard to accept that would be safe to leave the ego in the hands of 7 billion people that are living on one planet it make more sense to me having them aspiring to betterment .

  2. Great words of wisdom indeed from which there is a lot to learn (for those who will understand them). The road to enlightenment includes self centered journey makers who will waylay you to push you back into darkness unfortunately, but the determination is there, we shall move on. No fear, the great Illuminati is watching out for us.

  3. Yaaaaaaa !…..Thank you !….so happy to hear another say this ! I’ve been saying it for such a long while & sure get tired beating my head against the closed minded walls of so many new age guru’s sitting on their ‘I know it all’ thrones ! now if I can only break thru ‘there is no zero point’….that would really be something ! lol….much love to you ! Bev xoxo

    1. Hahaha, thanks Bev! I am alway nervous to say things out loud, because my line thinking is vastly different, than the programming many suffer from. Good luck with the zero point thing!! Hehe~

      1. I know what you mean, I don’t like ruffling other’s feathers either, would rather simply be kind, but sometimes ya just got to, but I try to be positive about it. ‘All for a reason’, just as many others did before us to bring change in accordance to what we strongly believe in. Always love Einstein’s many inspiring quotes to live by, & then I don’t feel quite so bad for trying to make a difference where it needs to be made. Happy Earth Day! (yesterday, but should be everyday!)

  4. But when he unites with the Source, he loses his “Ego”. He is like the drop of water that unites with the ocean and loses its individuality.

    If we look at the issue even deeper, we will see the resemblance of the disconnected “Ego” of men, with the disconnected creator of this world, who in order to move as independent –as Ego- he separated from his Godly Community and became fallen.

    “One can ascertain one’s self as to who the great ‘Deceiver’ is, if they search for him with open eyes and unprejudiced mind in all ancient Cosmogonies and Scriptures. It is the human-formed Creator, the Demiourgos of Heaven and Earth, when he separated himself from the collective Hosts (Multitudes) of his companions.” [BLAVATSKY H.P., “THE SECRET DOCTRINE”]

    …That is the fallen beam of Light, that as Lucifer (Light bringer), he curved and writhed himself around the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil and created the oscillation of this world.

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