gallery Looking for input ASAP!

If you have ever been a part of Council 22’s history, I would love for you to chime in here. I am currently finishing up my next book titled:

Initiate of the Illuminati


From the perspective of history’s 1st verified Level 1.1 Initiate

It is a tell-all from my personal experience, but I am wanting to include some snippets from other Initiates in the chapter dedicated to the Council. I am specifically looking for comments, quotes or experiences from the point of view of those who actually participated in c22, and would like to share their perspective. Anything that will add to the historical record, is encouraged as well.

This is your chance to add to our Initiate history!

Please leave your contribution here, or send it to to be considered for inclusion. Also include the name you would like used when quoting you. You deadline to do so, is April 22nd 2019.



  1. my Initiate history
    At first I was an active member of a secret society claiming Sufism in Islam?
    The goal was to elevate spirituality and I was an active member
    It was a reliance on ascension on spiritual and mystical sciences in rituals and others
    Have achieved great successes with them – and the heads of the Sufis were not doing what Mtlonon us
    So she left simply looking for the true light
    I really wanted to get the light and found it in front of me and found the Illuminati

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  2. Hello, and good afternoon. My name is Charles Jones. And have written several blogs on the members site portal, both giving advice and receiving advice. I have learned that my life has changed for the better, following the light the best I can. I enjoying helping people, but I have learned that some people just do not want help. No matter their problems. All I can say is to do your best, and the rest will fall into place.


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  3. Sadly mine is a story of regret.
    We have all been through things.
    I let my experiences with life send me into a reclusive state of being.
    When I was asked to participate I had not placed my trust in I AM enough.
    I haden’t REALIZED the fact that I AM knows everything.
    And that this was I AM’s way of pulling me out of my shell.

    This was made clear to me through Lady V’s writings(Thank you).
    Other things have happened to point me in the right direction.
    But due to my innitial “backing away”, I needed to start over.

    My message is to be strong, I AM knows what you are capable of.
    As well as what you have been through and your fears.
    You will never be asked to do something that your not ready for.
    Don’t do like I did and jump off the ladder when you are asked to take another step up.

    And if The Council asks you or you know their is some way you can help…Do it!
    It’s I AM’s way of allowing you to advance.

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