Invited to Rank

Invited to Rank?


I never really gave it much thought.

Not serious thought anyway.

I don’t believe for a minute I would ever be invited to rank. Surely that is an honor reserved for the best and brightest on this planet. Unlike the clamoring masses at the base of IAMs pyramid, I do not see myself on par with whoever has already made it into this exclusive club. Since I do not see myself as one of them, I really haven’t given the possibility, any real thought. So yeah, I really did not let my mind go there. I mean, why would I?

 I recently turned 58. It took me 2 years and 8 months to reach Level 1.1. If there were only 3 Levels, with 3 sub levels, it would still take approx 27 years, before I would get though all the Citizen Member Initiate Levels!  In other words, I would be 78 years old. Hardly a probable option for a group who was rumored to have once said, they didn’t trust anyone over 30!

Be all that as it may,  a brother-friend recently asked me, what I would say to The Illuminati, if they were to ask me to join their ranks. Let me tell ya. I ignored him the first time he asked. But he asked again. And even though I did not answer him the second time either, it really got me thinking. I needed an answer to that question for myself. Just in case. Given that I have been pissy-pot-pie, spitting nails mad and considering a break-up with IAM for about 6 months at the time he asked,  it really kinda jerked me up short and caused me to do some SERIOUS soul searching. Could I be obediently “lifetime-loyal” to a group I have no full understanding of, and who’s ways have flat out pissed me off at times? I certainly have been loyal to lesser men. HA! Plus, I managed to remained loyal, even in anger, so MAYBE? I mean, I don’t know??!! These guys know EVERYTHING about me and I know ZIP about them! Talk about an uneven playing field. 

But we ain’t playin’.

And this is NO game, is it…?

The more I thought about, the more consequential this question became for me.

What would I do?

No really…

What will you do V?!

Since I do not anticipate being asked, I was finding it hard to even image. I had to sit with it for several days, before I came close to anything resembling an answer. It honestly took awhile to get my head in that game enough to visualize someone coming to my door with an invitation, or whatever they do. I am not sure if that is what they do, but a call would seem distant and surreal, so in my mind they would have to show their faces for me to believe it was real. I truly could not imagine any of that.

I grappled with bringing such an fantasy to life. So much so, I was reminded about how stagnant my line of thinking had become, prior to having met IAM. I literally had zero vision for my future at the time. If someone had said I had won $10,000 to plan the vacation of a lifetime, I would not have any idea what-so-ever where to go. I could not even dream about taking a luxurious vacation much less imagine myself as someone the mysterious, and merited Illuminati would find any value in.

However, I needed to know what I would choose in advance; just in case.

The first thing that occurred to me when considering the possibility was… Do I trust these faceless, unknown strangers enough, to sign an eternally binding oath of obedience? An oath I could never renounce.  A forever and ever AMEN, Oath?!!

Let’s face it, that trumps marital vows exponentially. Now I don’t know about you dear Beacons, but trust is a pivotal aspect of any relationship in my world. Signing a lifelong oath of loyalty, is akin to getting married only more binding, by far. Needless to say, there is no way I could take this question as lightly as I did my choices in marriage. I was really struggling to find a way to say YES to folks I know little to nothing about. At the time, a enthusiastic ‘yes’ would just not come in for a landing. Trust me when I say there is another draft of this article that has an entirely different ending, and it was written first.

It just doesn’t seem prudent to consider jumping into bed with people I do not know. And yet, there is a kind of ‘knowing’ I have with these guys which I cannot necessarily articulate. I ‘knew’ their voice the minute they called, so can I really say they are strangers to me? Not really. No. There is a familiarity I cannot explain, but exists none the less. There really was a knowing inside of me, to balance out the unknown, which at the end of the day actually provided the answer I sought. I went with my gut, because there isn’t enough data to go full on logical.

When I try to imagine who The Illuminati might be in real life, I think of those that are listed in the Billionaire Giving Pledge (see After all, mention of these remarkable humans come under the heading of “About Us” on IAMs official site. Surely there are those who have taken the pledge that are truly Illuminati? If you take the time to read their individual responses to Bill and Melinda Gate’s invitation to participate, you might get the same goosebumps as I do. These folks are FANTASTIC! Far more fabulous that I for sure. That level of giving definitely says Humanitarian, for sure!!

That is my measure.


To be clear, it’s already my great pleasure to support The Illuminati as is. EVEN if I am not deemed fit to dine at their tables. I will enthusiastically serve them, regardless! I do not expect these brilliant humans, would care to dine with the likes of me. I know I am an acquired taste even if I am a ‘nobody’, in every sense of the word. I cannot imagine the elite of this planet needing anything from a mouthy, spiritually driven, emotive gal, such as myself. Plus I am not sure I am intelligent enough, although I do believe I possess the level of integrity the seek. Although I would add a considerable amount of color and perhaps a little comedy to the group -that you can be sure of!

But back to the question at hand, what would I actually say, if I was approached to join the ranks of the Lights most elite, intelligent, and philanthropic humans on the planet? Truthfully, I would likely CRY like a little girl first! Or be too flabbergasted to even speak. Once the initial shock wore off though, I would respond by saying I have a few questions first. Then I would probably need to sleep on it.


I couldn’t sleep!!

I think I would just need some time with it, alone. This of course, is assuming they did not already anticipate my questions and/or concerns, and alleviate them from word go. Although I am completely content and fulfilled to be a Community Leader in their public outreach, it would absolutely be an honor to serve them more deeply, in anyway they need me to. For as long as they deem me worthy, to do so.

So, all that being said, and assuming of course, you guys are not the Archons…

My reply would be a diamond hard MAYBE IAM!




What would your answer be dear Beacons? I would LOVE to hear what you are thinking! Please be advised, your answers could end up in my next book~


  1. My answer would be; I graciously appreciate the opportunity, I’m all ready to join and remain loyal to the light. Thank you


  2. Thank you I value very much what you say and I will zip it because Graciously allowing for these differences can only come from the Illuminati way of thinking , every one is in this & every one is dictated by the same reality that no two people are exactly the same and we must learn to live with it . So my apology V did not mean to give out too much of my point of view that by all means could also be incorrect .

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    • You did nothing to apologize for! What?
      Keep bringing it! I like seeing things through the eyes of others. Especially yours, so chime in anytime~

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  3. If your answer is not an IMMEDIATE YES, then why are you doing all of this illuminati journey in the first place?

    A lovely read V, however you seem to not value yourself in high esteem. Perhaps that is something for you to sit and meditate on. I too am an initiate however feel after completing the regeneration of my physical health there are no limits to what I can do for the betterment of all and myself.

    May you have the courage to always choose the light, we are one after all.

    May those who doubt and fear come to the light also.

    In light I choose, in light I trust, in light I AM.



    • Not thinking I am on par with those I believe to be the best & brightest of our species, is NOT synonymous with low self esteem, dear!
      Please do not read into my words. You suck at it~


    • I want to give you a reply to the comment above where it says :

      If your answer is not an IMMEDIATE YES, then why are you doing all of this illuminati journey in the first place?

      When I have joined just over two years ago it happen that I have read what the Illuminati is about ” The preservation of the Human species , protection and advancement of the human species , betterment all the way around & up , an inspiration for any individual to recognize that we all have a duty to perform , in order to lead one needs Knowledge & on the way may he/she gain the wisdom that it is required to lead in whatever capacity , as for Unity and Enlightenment are two brothers and sis that needs each other haha .
      As an initiate with the same attitude as always facts are a requirement in order to move to the next stage & are learned for sure on the way .
      One thing that I have start to work on is : What if all the ones that are fakes Illuminati were in fact useful to the cause which is to stop more greedy dictators reaching positions where they could cause more problems to a stability .
      What if I had in me what is needed to help the Illuminati , what if your part would also be needed .
      So I have jumped in & joined but the old saying still useful ” Not everything that shines is Gold ” Observe to make distinction and keep walking .
      It is ways easy to say I AM Loyal to the Illuminati when Loyalty is just like a plant that will grow and mature over Time , to be loyal to other initiates and to the one that have no even the knowledge about the organization are still the human species that the Illuminati’s ORGANIZATION are loyal to .

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      • I have clearly communicated why I am cautious, so thanks for chiming in with your point of view, Gian! I love hearing about other perspectives!
        We are all so different in how we view the world. Graciously allowing for these differences, is the Illuminati way~

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  4. I have read the first testament of Illuminatiam , was the first impression of this understanding that
    really got my attention , at the initiate level we move through a sea of information we only
    navigate our way ” Option we chose ” we will find our individual way , we all have something on the
    inside that wants to be of use for whatever it is our individual make up , blue print or else one wants to call it , for as long it respect the values written in the Oath everyone have something of value .

    How one will be invited to a rank up is not for me to say but intuition is that no one will knock at our door nor will send a message to our mobile & how it gets done is somewhat not what we will be disclosed , I have a deep respect for any organization that do care for our species & even more if
    includes our Home/planet because without it there would be no life nor anything to climb .

    However what could keep us on the safe side is a bit of deep thinking & remembering the written words in the Illuminatiam . I have witnessed the number of scammers with many possible deceptive
    ways that could make one go completely in the opposite direction from what the Oath is all about & even though there is nothing to be feared ” Because we are humans and we do indeed make mistakes ” I have taken the Oath at Heart , it is in front my eyes before I see anything else .

    It also clearly written to be very doubtful of anyone that claims Authority included the Illuminati &
    encourage everyone to recognise the importance that we all have in the Universal Design .

    One it is not asked for blind Loyalty , even though it is Highly appreciated but as one moves up inevitably will come to know the things that can not be disclosed else would perhaps compromise the work in progress , whatever that will be . I believe to be possible just like I have read in the Illuminatiam that if it wasn’t for the Illuminati we would not even been here as a race due to the
    stupidity that dictators fail to see and the same is what prevents humanity to make an advancement
    that is long due .
    Please accept an apology if my understanding is what it is and if in anyway does not resonate , I AM open to understand a bit more but not to compromise the work in progress .

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  5. BUENO ,para iniciar comensando de entrada un saludo fraterno para la hermandad y en especial para ud victoria que ha sabido guiar con un faro de luz en determinados y sincronizados tiempos y asi poder alcanzar esa luz que brilla en su explandor para despues compartir el conocimiento y saviduria, de una forma muy steril saber unificar a quelos elementos que seremos requeridos en su momentos indicados para poder formar parte ,de una integridad unica y que nos permite avanzar de una manera correcta planificadad, inquebrantable, leal y con mucho equilibrio donde el ser humano alcanza su voluntad propia y define su pensamiento alos mas alto del universo con muchos valores y despues alcanzar la victoria tan anelada ,BUENO temdriamos que definirnos como un ser humano libre pensador filantropo humanista y com muchos valores los valorse los describe el tao existen 663 virtudes solo hay que vivirlo para que se transformenen en valores ese es el verdadero cambio que inicia un ser humano y despues compartir le cuento en lo filantropo le nase de uno, saber compartir direcionar estudie en un colegio tecnico tood a ello le debo a mi madre que fue un pilar fundamental para nuestra existencia y el camino correcto seguir estudie en LA ESCUELA ANZUATEGUI DE ARTES Y OFICIOS BENEMERITA SOCIEDAD FILANTROPICA DEL GUAYAS DONDE ME AFIRME CON SU PALABRA QUE ES LA FILANTROPIA BUENO olo ablado de ante mano lo anterior tendriamos que definirnos , es una palabra que tienen que haser todos los iniciados con mucha templanza ya estoy definido como un gran ser que esta siguiendo la luz y lo fui en otros tiempos y otro espacio cual es el suyo gracias y siga adelanrte para tener muchas victorias

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    • Muchas gracias por sus inspiradoras palabras de aliento y por compartir conmigo su experiencia. ¡Realmente aprecio que te tomes el tiempo para acercarte y dejar tus comentarios! Me parece que has estado siguiendo la Luz durante bastante tiempo y estoy encantada de que hayas encontrado este alcance Adan !!

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  6. I can without hesitating reply:”I’m humbled for having been accepted as a ranking member and as I signed my oath I’ll abide by it and move according to what I will be told.I’ll remain loyal.I’m grateful because from today onwards my life is going to be with a different direction, shape and accomplishments

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  7. Pissy-pot-pie, HAHAHA THAT DONE MY DAY V . Sis it is a journey where the Loyalty to humanity remains undisputed , whomever run the show is above me & would never turn on us for as long we keep in mind that ” To keep the show going there has to be some sort of caring involved ” for what I have read in the testament we are all humans with a potential to shine and that does not mean setting this world on fire when it does not going our way lmao . There is so much going on in our world that needs attention at the moment that to know that there are ranking members helps in sleeping better at night . With that I don’t mean that there is nothing for initiates to do nor I say that even the not members should do nothing to help , they are are still members of the same humanity we all belong to .
    V it is scaring when you get to find out what is going on in our world but whatever you do remember
    that we can’t even call someone Horse without getting 2 years in prison for it or Paying a £50.000 for the comment , we must do a U turn to some laws that do not belong to the new beginning else I can’t see much in to the future . I see all the religions as a guide to someone that is in need having lost the common sense but ultimately it is by searching that we will find and by asking that we might get ” I do not mean asking to others but more asking in itself as to clarify that one knows what he/she needs-wants ” .
    I learn as I was to live forever & live at best I can as if today was my last day because one day it will but I wana go the extra mile by making sure to help wherever I can so anyone gets the same .

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  8. Thanks you vii. I always thank God for being alive and still pushing harder to be what humanity will never accept to loose. I was 13 when my father took his life and the family abandoned us to our poor mother who couldn’t pay our school fees. The family thought I and my brother and sisters could never be something good tomorrow. Even though the challenges are still in our way, I’m confidently sure that I will sacrifice myself for my brother and sisters and the the entire humanity as I come across the light 🔺. I will like to die one day as servant of humanity and not as a king. I pray that the light shine brighter within me so that I can illuminati every dark area I will find myself in. Thank IAMfamily, thank you. Loyalty above all 🤘👁️🔺🕯️

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    • That’s the Spirit David! I believe that you will indeed die as you wish, content with a life of service to others. What a noble aspiration!


  9. You know, V.While looking back on my life, ( The past).I am very grateful for being here on God’s earth.I appreciate life even more and I appreciate people, even the one’s, That have hurt me and I have hurt them.I have apologize to many so I can continue to sleep better.I am glad to be chosen for the light.I hate darkness.Darkness was the only thing that I knew.Here’s my timeline:

    1.My mom was murdered by her lovet when I was 4 years old. She was only 35 years old

    2.My brother was found dead after three days in a hot apartment.His body was deteriorated from the heat.It was only bones and dead skin found.We had a closed casket.He was only 40 years old

    3.My three children father was murdered on Aug.27, 2017 at the age of 51 years old

    4.I have had many highschool friends to pass causes: car accidents, Cancer, sickness, illness, or murdered.

    5.My father blood,poison his system. From a tooth that was infected!My father died at the age of 53 years old.
    God, I am so thankful for you each and everyday!

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    • Wow! What a life!! And what a wonderful attitude! I am so glad to hear none of these horrific things have stopped you from being the Light that you seem to be dear Sister!! What an inspiration to keep going, even when you think you could not possibly do so.
      Thank you for sharing your story with us! I hope it gives hope to those facing similar situations.


  10. Thank you V, you are a wonderful writer; the choice of your words, the repetitions, the comparisons, the humour etc make you a unique initiate, no wonder you rank 1.1.
    On my part however, if such a ranking suggestion or invitation came requiring me to give an answer, I would gladly, and with a sigh of relief say; YES, this is what I have been waiting for…. it feels good when someone recognizes you among so many for a merit….

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    • Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! I really appreciate it. Just know that it takes more than joining and passing links, to get where I am at. So dig in, practice their principles, and do something to help humanity, if you are not currently doing anything more than following~


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