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I wanted to get this on the record for you guys, for future reference.

This is my evidence, and why I think The Illuminati cares deeply those, who have been subject to the worst our species can dish out.  I think they are as mortified as I am, by mans inhumanity to man. I believe they have indirectly encouraged me to explore this disturbing topic more thoroughly and have emboldened me, to bring it forward.

I first realized that pedophilia and perversion were on their radar, back in Dec 2016, after a series of tweets I posted on the topic. I was closely following WikiLeaks and Pizzagate at the time. I was attempting to bring some awareness to my followers, most of which, chose to ignore me. Perhaps due to the controversy that was going on at the time concerning the validity of the information that was coming forward. No judgement, it was a painful time for a lot of us who were willing to gaze into the abyss.

I was convinced there was something to all of this and looked deeply enough to convince myself that there was, before moving on and taking a break from the agony of it’s nasty reality. As a Soul Mama at heart, I can hardly stand the mental images that come with a topic as hideous as this one. It is more than I can hardly stand. So I get it. Most folks do not want to hear about any of this. They would prefer to stay innocent and believe the best in people. I certainly would have preferred that myself. But knowledge does not let us sleep in the dark for long. And that which is hidden, does come to the surface; eventually.

This is something that we as a species MUST look at and eradicate. Straight up. There is no other way around any of this, we must go through it. We must look at what we have allowed to flourish, by our unwillingness to accept true and disturbing evil lives among us, and they are HUMAN!

*Below was my first nod from IAM regarding this issue.


In preparation leading up to iMark’s expose’ titled: INHUMANITY, I had made this post on twitter that IAM almost immediately (in Illuminati time), responded to.  Again, more evidence that I was on the right track choosing to bring this forward? It was to me. 

I had enlisted Christine Ingraham and Brad Adams to help accomplish the goal of bringing some awareness and education to this complicated and upsetting issue. They too felt their investigations were aided by random information that would come to them, in the most unlikely of ways.  Everyone was convince without a shadow of a doubt, that this needed to come out into the Light of day, and that we needed to chime in with the thousands of voices that were working in concert, to do this worldwide. 


We all could not ask for more obvious backing than this. This statement is clearly directed at the underbelly of humanity. The Illuminati did not stutter when they made these comments just a few days before our informal opening into the topic.  This is NOT an issue that will be brushed under the carpet for much longer. Even now, there are high profile cases coming out into the open, and there will be more. Many more. We will see household names accused, apprehended and held accountable. It is going to be very unsettling time for many. It will not be pleasant to find out our icons, be they political, musical or theatrical are disgusting predatory perverts. But we must face this, to move into a solution. Shining a little Light on this, is going to prevent it’s further growth -while drastically reducing how many are effected.


This is the single most compelling reason why war and violence, needs to become obsolete for me personally. It is at the root, of what ails our civilization. We simply cannot keep living like this, if we are to survive ourselves. The time has come to face the things that have been festering in the dark and bring them into the Light to be sanitized and healed.

I am calling for compassion, as we look deeply into what we have become, so that we can become something better, together~


*Thank you for your amazing support IAM!

It took me awhile to find the right folks to help me do this, because as you know, I am way too tender to look very deeply, myself. Unfortunately the gal I originally asked to participate, did not follow through as promised. Too busy playing children’s games, to be bothered to truly help kids, I guess? It reminded me once again, people will talk a good game, but often are not who, or what they say they are.  A valuable lesson revisited -that actually applies to the subject at hand. Anyway, I apologize for the delay. But apparently it was necessary.

I also wanted to say, I am tremendously grateful that you helped lead the team, to the right information for us to include! It was important to Brad and Nikki that they made themselves armchair experts, before sharing this knowledge with others. We are all very grateful for your signs and symbols!

Personally, I learned a lot through all this, and have far more compassion for those caught in the shadows now, than I did when we started.

We truly hope we have done this subject justice, and that justice will fall on those who have eluded her thus far, without mercy~


9 thoughts on “EVIDENCE from IAM*

    1. Thank you Gaston! By the time we are done with our informal presentation, after folks have recovered from the shock and horror, everyone will feel as if they can be part of the solution.

  1. The big problem may be that those who are offended by this dark act are that they feel guilty of it all though they are not at all.
    The child is afraid and dares not say anything, as they are afraid that it will play their family, for example, or that a close relative should fall into trouble and keep it so quiet until they dare to share their dark secret with a friend and on in fact, the truth finally comes to light and the horrible slander can be removed and the child can hopefully heal with time and get feel better again, live a normal life again.
    In 2000, I came in contact with a woman who suffered a pedophile when she was 12, this horrible man was a relative of her who was a babysitter when this terrible happened, ended with the woman who was only 12 years old when she tried to take her life, by cutting up her pulse veins in the bathtub, she survived anyway luckily, but it took many years for her to heal this mental wound and dare to trust someone again and be able to feel normal feelings for someone in the adult life, she however, is married now and has her own children and lives the life she wants to live and it is wonderful when the light can push away the darkness and get someone to live in a positive world again, which provides security and care and without pedophiles that destroy the child’s upbringing and life
    No one should have to experience such abnormal horrible things

  2. I am fortunate enough to be called to care for the adult victims of these crimes among others. They come from all over the world, and probably in your city. I’m simultaneously amazed at the raw lack of compassion and the unlimited cruelty of one human toward another; as well as the survival instincts, spirit and tenacity of the victims who end up on my unit. .The human is a being of wonder! Even in the darkest of places, some Light will be there, among the shadow.

    1. That is remarkable. Thank you for sharing that with us. There is always Light, even in the darkest places on Earth. It is just so sad to see that mans inhumanity to man is still a thing, after all these years…

  3. Mine is to say I’m happy for you. Secondly thanks for sharing your thoughts and testimony with us. Congratulations ivy taroc

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