gallery Poignant Prose~


I’ve been waxing poetic of late, and will begin releasing my Metaphorical Archetypes: The Garden of Eden Collection, starting this evening.

My inspiration comes from a variety of people, including other Initiates.

I often tell those closest to me, if you don’t want some aspect of yourself to end up in my writing, run now! Lol

Archetypes are unavoidable teachers along our journey to the center of ourselves. The choice to erase or embrace them each in their season, is as inescapable as the path itself. Each in their turn, a better version of ourselves, revealed.  

I have posted a disclaimer regarding my work, and it is especially relevant when it comes to my prose.

Fair warning, I am a passive aggressive AF poet! “Sometimes”. It may not seem like it, but I actually love & am quite grateful, for the contrast in my life. My worldview is vastly more colorful, as a result!


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