First off…THANK YOU for caring about me so much! It is beyond humbling and not taken for granted on my end.

I need you guys to know this to prevent rumors based on my own admissions. Every time I have gone through depression, it has been a result of aka a by-product of, a physical affliction or trauma.

Please note regarding my PTSD: I moved past the depression stage of that particular challenge, 3 decades ago plus.


Depression is NOT a chronic condition for me. It is circumstantial & quite temporary.

Please be advised, by the time I release one of my wordy creations, the moments I am speaking of, has already past.

So there is no need to worry, my beautiful and thoughtful Beacons.

While I appreciate your amazing outpouring of love and concern behind the scenes more than you know, it is no longer necessary once I have gone to print, as the storm has already passed.

So if you could please send your Love & Light on the regular, that would be absolutely delicious, and appreciated beyond measure!


And thank you for being so gracious to me, as I grow~


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  1. Gaston AK Mugagga
    Mar 01, 2019 @ 07:18:53

    OK, Noted Princess

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