So what does it mean to be verified by The Illuminati; exactly?


verify 2

Because I am asked so often about mine, and because others continue to minimize the distinction, I thought I would take the time to expand upon  what it is, and what it is not. Especially as it applies to me.

There are two types. One for Official Accounts managed by Illuminati Agents, and one for when a Citizen Member identity has been verified and connected to their account. For the purpose of this article, I am only speaking about the later.

Verification in the Illuminati’s Members Portal is not a trivial gig, regardless of what those are not verified might think. Trust me, IF you ever receive the honor, you will understand what a big deal it is, immediately.

While becoming verified does not allow someone to speak ON BEHALF of the Illuminati, (only Agents are allowed the privilege), and it is not necessarily an endorsement of the person or their profiles across social media, it IS an honor to be sure. One that not all Initiates will be given. It doesn’t come with any particular Level and it does not appear to be a badge for every member of the Portal.

The Verification Badge is permanent, and by Invitation ONLY. It is not something that you can apply for and/or automatically receive. It appears to go beyond personal identity confirmation, for those who are not house hold names. The Illuminati themselves, are the ones who chose who to verify.  The two reasons stated in their own words (see above) are to distinguish:

1) Public Figures

To confirm Celebrity/High Profile People, are who they claim to be.

2) Community Leaders

To recognize Community Leaders in IAMs Public Outreach

In my case, I was recognized as a Community Leader, for things I had done in the years prior to the opening of the Members Portal.  I am by no means, the only person the Illuminati witnessed go above and beyond, in their efforts to spread and share The Illuminati’s messages.

They have given me permission to share this information with you, so I am not speaking out of school, or for them.  They made it very clear to me that they see the hard work of EVERYONE and just because I received the first one anyone has seen, I am NOT the only one who will have a blue check mark added to their profile. I was the FIRST because someone in a higher office than the MP or even Social Media, has taken notice of my past activity and wanted to show appreciation for my dedication to this outreach. It is important to note, I had been in this movement for almost 3 years when I was verified and leveled up. I have no idea how long one must be actively participating in this outreach, or what they must actual do beyond passing their messages around, to merit the distinction. I am just sharing my experience as a point of reference. It may be something you cannot earn, without “time in grade”. In other words, you might have to be around awhile before recieving one? That part is still unclear to me.

In my opinion, once more folks are verified, it will become more apparent as to what the Illuminati values, even though it isn’t synonymous with a personal endorsement. To my knowledge, they do not or cannot play favorites. However, we can learn more about what they revere in an Initiate’s conduct, as more are verified.  We should be able to see a trend, in the types of behaviors that IAM holds in high regard, once more have been honored. This is the kind a thing that will become more evident to us all, in time.

Because most people in the MP had no idea who I was, or what I did to merit such an privilege, folks had a hard time understanding why I was set apart for the distinction. Now that we are more familiar with each other, via the Members Portal, I am hoping we will better understand who IAM chooses who to set apart as community leaders, and why.


Going forward, I would love to see the people who have earned this Badge, celebrated for their contribution to this outreach, their service to humanity, and the outstanding tribute it actually is to be publicly recognized by the Illuminati, in this special way.


I hope this clarifies the issue once and for all, as more are indeed coming soon, and it is important that we all understand what it truly means, to be “Verified”.





*If someone has anything to add, that I might have missed or misunderstood, please do so in the comments. Would love to hear your POV~


  1. Just a question, on being verified I know ahhhhh not another one, but, being verified or recognized by tha IAM, I know that there are three levelz or typez of memberz, but does tha final one mean actually being accepted and noticed as a full actual member of tha society???

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    • First off…It means it would be a secret.
      So you won’t ever know who gets in all the way, and who doesn’t.
      But they would remove the shackles of hardship, so that you could focus strictly on your role in the universal design. And I believe you get a “title”.
      I do not see that happening to me whatsoever. I am not cool enough to run with the best & brightest on this planet. However I can help lead this outreach and use my unique voice, to help folks find The Illuminati & follow the Light!
      I’m here for humanitarian reasons not monetary ones, myself~

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      • Why would you have self doubt??? In I guess “moo” as you say it iz human nature to wish for or have tha dream of having tha status or being “looked up too” which I think in tha largest percentage of “living beingz” wantz. Though a lot of people look down on people who boast or flash it around, I’m sure thatz why it iz kept a secret and talismanz are made so that one can look at another and see that they are coming from tha same place so to speak. Right??? That way there iz respect .


      • I had no idea there were any honors to be earned. So it wasn’t like I was striving to earn any. But I am proud of my accomplishments. There is nothing wrong with that~


      • I asked a question a few weeks ago. Never got a response. How does my number of followers increase on portal when it is shut down?


      • Once again. Most of portal is open. I suggest you actually login and see for yourself. It would’ve been obvious to you, had you done so sweetie~


  2. Hello Princess.How are you and the family?. Thanks a lot for your messages.I am grateful.Thank you for sharing the Love, the light, and loyalty.Let the light continue to shine. Illuminatiam,IAM. I recommend you to follow our humanitarian organization official website for more info. I put all of my life to Serving the the Humanity.And support us.
    Best regards.

    Ambassador Ahmad.
    Founder.CEO, DIRECTOR GEN.


  3. Mama Victorya you never call me sweetie and you never respond to my questions. Please do not discriminate among beacons as this is against the values of the Illuminati. You should call me sweetie too or no one and answer what it takes to enjoy your hug.


  4. Mama the Illuminati are aware of your anti-maternal acts against me and of the fact that you violate your oath in my case, and you will have consequences such as losing your power and your badge.


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