Initiation FYI~



To introduce, recruit, enlist, convert and baptize are synonyms.


There is no question in my mind, this path is not for everyone.

One needs to be made of the kind of stuff that is not found in every man, or women. If this were the easy road, it would have been travel by the masses and trampled to death, long ago. There would be nothing remarkable about this journey, and likely secret societies would not even exist, as a result.

However, this IS the path less traveled. The journey rarely taken, and even more rarely understood, as a never ending journey.

Although there are milestones.

  This is not for the heartless, those that quit, or those who have no character or intestinal fortitude. It takes guts, grit and integrity, to move through the Initiation process created by The Illuminati. As stated in Is the Illuminati Good or Evil, “Not all leaders are invited to join our membership. Many lack the intelligence and integrity that we require…” This should give us all insight, into what The Illuminati reveres. I cannot recommend reading that one again, if you haven’t recently.

I wanted to drive a very important point home that may have been lost in my other writings about Initiation, from my perspective. While the path is not for all, all who travel it will be perfected in ways, distinctive to them alone. This path appears to be custom tailored. Each initiation is one of a kind, like those who are invited to participate. 

Part of this seems to be about our unique roles in the Universal Design. In Illuminatiam, The First Testament of the Illuminati, it states that Ranking Membership comes with an OFFICIAL TITLE, reinforcing in my mind, those who are successful in passing through the Initiation process,  indeed have “roles” in this organization that are in alignment with the Universal Design.

The process by which a person’s character is tested, would be similar for all, but preparation for our roles, which I believe is an element of this whole production, is not. In that way, no two people will experience the exact same thing, as they move through this ancient establishment. Although the blueprint seems to have the same basic pattern; birth, death and personal resurrection, the rest of it is highly customized. So, we all get tested in the same ways on one hand, and the custom stuff comes from the other.

I believe my initiation which I have entered into of my own Free Will, is testing me to see if I practice what I preach, because I am an emerging Evangelight. They are probably looking to see if I actually take my own advice, on top of everything else they are looking for. What I am being groomed for, is different than what you are being prepared for. All of this is time tested and seems to be connected with our individual roles in the Universal Design.

But your path will be very different than mine. And your trials, geared towards a differing outcome; altogether. Our characters and crafts are refined, customized,  and cultivated, through a system that EVERY other Illuminati member has passed through, before us. Si in that way we are in good company.

Given we have answered the call to be Shepherds of our Species during stormy weather, I believe in order to be selected to do so, we must be able to stand the storms ourselves, to lead others through them. We must be able to be trusted under fire, for others to trust us in battle. We must be creatures of character, to be leaders worth following as we guide our species to a higher place in our evolutionary journey. Each role, no less important than the next. Each string weaving the very fabric of our existence, with the utmost perfection, once seen from the top of the pyramid.

I have to tell you guys though, having someone to share all of this with, who is going through it themselves, is incredibly helpful to me. I would be completely lost without my IAMfam here, because my real-time peeps, just don’t get it. It is almost impossible to explain any of this, to those who have never experienced it for themselves, so I stopped even trying. My IAMfam are my life line and the few that I share with, are as committed as I am to getting through the refinement fires. It is fascinating to hear about the ways in which they believe IAM is leading them as individuals, in accordance with their emerging roles. I marvel at the indirect ways in which the Illuminati is able to make their presence known, without any direct contact. I have learned there are reasons for everything, even NOT getting the “likes”.

I cannot encourage you all enough, to develop a close bond with at least one other initiate. You are going to need each other to bounce things off of, once your initiations begins in earnest. Especially if you are flying blind, like I was. Part of the reason for me sharing my experiences with everybody, is to help demystify a very mysterious process. It goes without saying, I am no expert in any of this. I was so completely clueless when I started, and somewhat clueless, even now. I just want to assist others like myself in their orientation, to the best of my ability. 

Because honestly, this shit is hard enough, without being totally ignorant, like I once was~



Please note: This is what I have come to understand by what I have experienced personally and have seen in others around me. I am by no means speaking on the Illuminati’s behalf here, I am speaking ABOUT my relationship to them, from my own point of view. Surely theirs is VERY different than mine!!


I am well aware many of you have been involved in ‘loyal water buffalo lodges’ before, and are in no need of my perspective. I am speaking to a specific audience, who I hope will benefit from what I am saying.

If you tassel-hat guys (wink) have anything to add, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Please add your comments below, Beacons.



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