I remember NOW!!


I was so distracted by the shadows that constantly surround me, I had completely lost sight of, the transformational power of the Light within!

I went straight to emotional hell as a result.

I have actually been camped out there for quite some time, I am embarrassed to report. But it was a necessary journey for me. One that reminded me just how incredibly powerful our thought life really is! Apparently, I needed the reminder. I mean, talk about flying blind! I was circling my own bullshit, trapped in the mire of my own negative thought patterns. I can now say with complete confidence, that depression comes from within! I was allowing my stinkin-thinkin, to construct a mental prison around me, because I was focusing on the things that I found disturbing, instead of the delicious & deLightful!

The descent into darkness is almost imperceptible at first. It starts with unchecked thoughts like: I am not good enough. I am too old, I am hated, I am not a good leader, etc etc etc. Allowing any one of these thoughts to exist without rejection, provides the building blocks of our own demise. Theses destructive words and expressions are what imprison us. And the truly ironic thing about it, is they are LIES! I can’t even believe I allowed this to happen again, since I truly know better. But I am truly grateful for the painful reminder, about how incredibly creative or destructive, our minds really are. 

I urgently & emphatically implore you, to guard your thoughts!

They are the cornerstones of your immediate and future reality. They will shape your experience in ways you may not like. Or draw things to you, that you love. They are responsible for literally everything that occurs in matter and if we do not control them, they WILL construct a world, that controls us. I have learned, the most effective way out of a adverse thought pattern, is to replace it with preferable messages, from the opposite extreme. We must reprogram ourselves.

Now this is where it gets tricky, because it is easier said than done. The hardest part is actually realizing what we are currently saying to ourselves. That awareness is critical step one, towards the solution that will set us free. When we are caught in darker thought patterns, it is very difficult to record something positive over the top of them. Largely because we have begun to believe the negative and the new thoughts feel like categorical lies.

Well who cares!! LIES got us into the ditch, in the first place! So lie to yourself!! Tell yourself the exact opposite of what you are currently streaming in the background! Do this every time a self defeating thought floats by. Do it after every comment thought or spoken to you, that suggests you are anything less that a powerful creative Light with great value and purpose on this planet.

Again, it doesn’t matter if you believe it right now! Eventually you will!

Just override any negativity with positive reinforcement, about how truly fabulous you are! Find things you love about yourself, things you are thankful & grateful for, and repeat those things. Throw in some epic lies, regarding the things you want to become in there too, for good measure. Do this over and over and over again!  Do it forever! Your life will start changing immediately within and soon your outer world, will become solid a reflection, of the things going on inside you.

Do this without ceasing, because I just learned the hard way, without true vigilance, the incredible programming power of the world around us, will take over for us, if we turn our heads away for too long.

I invite you to start reprogramming yourself right now. Do not delay. You can begin the moment you have finished reading/listening to this and see the results far quicker than you ever imagined.

So go on now…get out of here! Go find a place to sit alone for awhile and get your head back in the game. The sooner you do, the sooner the solutions will come to saturate your being with the healing & restorative powers of an enlightened mind.

This alone, will reshaped your reality.



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  2. 🔺 Thank you, for sharing a good topic like this with us. You have been a good leader to us and you will continue to be. May the Light continue be with you. 🔺

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