Real or Imaged: A disclaimer



I write strictly about my personal experience or my particular point of view.

My individual word choices are selected specifically for maximum impact and/or, for literary artistry.

They are not intended to offend those with narcissistic tendencies, who see themselves in everything.

Any similarities to others living or dead, both real or imaged, is unintentional.

(Disclaimer#: ZZZ666999)


  1. Maybe he is was many whith same name…i could be wrong but,maybe he is in U.S????hope he stops being this way against you…not even a child could behave so childishly and viciously towards someone and yet a child does not have a fully developed brain so it says well all about this stalker…be strong mrs V~ you are not alone many people love and admire you and wants you the best in life….the light must keep its eternal protection over you and your family now and forever

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