gallery Real or Imaged: A disclaimer



I write strictly about my personal experience or my particular point of view.

My individual word choices are selected specifically for maximum impact and/or, for literary artistry.

They are not intended to offend those with narcissistic tendencies, who see themselves in everything.

Any similarities to others living or dead, both real or imaged, is unintentional.

(Disclaimer#: ZZZ666999)


  1. “I would say it was a divinely appointed ‘wake the fuck up kinda thing’. I really was descending into my own custom created sensation seeking vibe, before I even met this guy. so I take full responsibility for marrying him simply based on that mouth, and the orgasms. Lol. I really had the hugest blind spot going at 19. I am sure he could smell my angst before I came around the corner of his life. We married within 3 weeks of meeting because you know, I was mad at my now divorcing parents and again, he was sooooooooooo charming… This guy made my drunken, rape riddled teens, look like a poor warm up to meeting a full blown predator.” Victorya Goodrich

    “I endured months of ritualistic psychological torture & sexual abuse, at the hands of, someone who said they loved me…He would go on and on and on. Screaming, frothing, accusing, threatening. It was jealousy on crack or something, I don’t know. I had never seen any behavior like that before in my life. He would work himself into a lather, quite literally, with me pinned down on the bed underneath his salivating hatefilled words. He continually shouted insults, and things I don’t even remember, because it went on for hours. And I tuned out. I was kept awake until 4am every morning, and then expected to perform as a “wife” afterwards. Rape.” Victorya Goodrich

    So you married your husband because he concluded that he would rape you better than your rapes during your puberty. When your husband raped you during your marriage, you did not like it, because he abused you. I am really wondering, does it make any sense?
    And why hadn’t you seen anything like that before given that you state that you were raped as a teen too? What is the difference between your rapes during your marriage and your rapes during your puberty? Did the rape during your puberty include flowers, compliments, caressing and savoir vivre during your puberty and did the rape during your marriage include psychological torture & sexual abuse?
    If you honor me and let me rape you, I promise that I will rape you in a mixed way. My main purpose is to enjoy you and impregnate you, but if the case is to enjoy sex and cite me after 50 years, then I can manipulate you and rape you worse than your husband.


  2. Maybe he is was many whith same name…i could be wrong but,maybe he is in U.S????hope he stops being this way against you…not even a child could behave so childishly and viciously towards someone and yet a child does not have a fully developed brain so it says well all about this stalker…be strong mrs V~ you are not alone many people love and admire you and wants you the best in life….the light must keep its eternal protection over you and your family now and forever

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