gallery Everyday Trust~


I have learned…


If you don’t trust anyone, it is because you are untrustworthy.

If you trust too much, you are guileless’.



When someone says they do not trust anyone. Believe them! Because that statement includes them as well.

If you are like me (guileless) and have a tendency to trust right out of the gate, that is problematic also.

Strive to avoid the all or nothing. Find the sweet spot that resides in the middle.

Trust is something that takes time to develop.

There are different levels and degrees of trust. 

Allow yourself the luxury of taking your time, when placing your trust in someone. It will save you a lot of heart ache later on.

Watch and wait.

Look to see if their actions match their words, especially when choosing a partner of any kind.

Strive to be trustworthy, and those that share the same values, will find you.

Like attracts like, (((Light attracts Light))) Trust attracts trust.

Unless of course, you are in a position of influence…but that is not “Everyday Trust”…

So I will have to tell you about that one, later~

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