Inauguration Day~

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I did not vote for President-Elect Donald Trump. But I was absolutely shocked and unbelievably relieved, that Hillary Clinton was defeated.  It took me days to come to grips, with the “political upset”. I mean, WOW.

We dodged a bullet, at least half of America did not know had been shot.

I followed the Wikileaks through the later half of the campaign cycle, all the way to “Pizzagate”. Like others who were waiting on Julian Assange to drop the disgusting details, I was left completely disturbed by the outright collusion with media, treasonous “pay to play” and suspicious pedophile codes, I saw with my own eyes.

I suspect, in time, the rest of America will be forced to look at our shadow side, as well. Without an 11th hour pardon by current President Barrack Obama, the newly appointed Trump Administration, will be free to pursue justice on the behalf of the American people.

However, Trump is linked to convicted serial pedophile Jeffery Epstein, so there’s that.   It could be nothing more than a legitimate business association, or a covert operation by an unsuspecting operative. It could be something much darker. Time again will tell.

She always does.

I will support our new incoming President, as I have done with the others I did not vote for in my lifetime. UNLESS it is proven, he is no different than the rest of the criminal element, that has infected the US Government for at least the better part of a century.

Today I am hopeful, that the “hidden hand” has come out on top.

And a new day is dawning, not just here at home, but worldwide as well.

We can and must do better as a people, if we are to survive ourselves as a species. The oppression of the masses, to serve only a select a few, has no place in humanity’s future. Perhaps today, true liberation begins?  If not make no mistake, liberty WILL come.

I prefer it comes in peace, but will support the process, no matter what shape it takes~

Jan 20th, 2016

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