Bu-Bye Beta!



I have been functioning in a type of Beta mode professionally, under the anagram ‘iVy Taroc’, for quite some time now.

I’ve been practicing my linguistic cadance, while seeking to find my own unique voice, in a world full of magical words both heard, and unheard. Spoken and unspoken. 

This is my legacy, hand crafted from the contents of my head and heart. All of it dedicated to my creative daughter, and her incredible kids Rowan & Dresdan, as well as their eventual descendants; in cycber perpetuity. So they might see the Light~

  A mixture of lessons, lyrics and occasional linguistic brilliance, This is my legacy of Light in letters. My ‘love song’ to those who will live beyond me, because my beloved Rachel survived a beta version of me growing up, not the better one I continue to become. 

Sooooooo….Henceforth I shall be known, as I AM known:

I AM Victorya Goodrich. And everyone who knows me (save for my mum) ends up calling me by my nickname V, including The Illuminati. Hehe~

All my social media accounts will reflect this change in one way or another.  

Going forward, I will write under V Goodrich, and my web address here is now vgoodrich.com. My new email addy is vgoodrich@usa.com for bookings and badmouthing. 

I will abandon all things iVy Taroc, with gratitude for the learning curve, she monikered.

Since I have gone by V~ regardless of username, and most of you already know my true identity, this should be a seemless transition.

Thank you all for your continue flexibility during my “Growing Pains” and “Initiation”. I appreciate your patience & presence, more than you know!



  1. Mama this is not a simple transition. All this time you used to say that you do the blog stuff for helping folks follow the light. Now you revoke your own sayings by devoting your online stuff to Rachel and your grandkids. This is not fair. Where was Rachel and your grandkids when you were desperate, when you were happy and when you spoke yourself on this blog? You made known that your daughter and your grandkids are far away from you, you don’t even see each other. They did not even read your words, they did not even resonate with you and share your joys and sorrows. Now you push away all your loyal friends, your “beacons”, and devote everything to your biological descendants. You do it as if you don’t give a sh1t not only about me (that’s expected)but also about everyone to whom you formally expressed your appreciation.
    Beware mama Victorya, daughters are always ungrateful and you don’t have strong bonds with your biological descendants.You will be crying again and asking for salvation.The family that guarantees your prosperity is your light family and no one else.


  2. Mommy you are incredibly bootiful with those huge milky momish breasts and your amazing smile. I wonder how much milk there is in your yummy enormous breasts. I could pump your breasts for ages and use them as pillows. Mommy please do not lose pounds because your arms are perfectly momish for hugs and your breasts proper for diving in. What are you going to do with all this milk bootiful mommy? If you do not start suckling me, your breasts will turn into huge balloons and you won’t be able to carry them in the end. I suggest that you have me hung from your breasts so that I drink your milk and reduce the weight of your breasts.


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