gallery Symbiosis~

Symbiosis: a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups who hold opposing point of view or beliefs.


This is another excellent example of the symbiotic relationship between the Light and the dark.

Did you know, the Poinsettia’s folks love so much during the winter, only turn color by being exposed to the dark? Otherwise, they would remain commonly green. This gorgeous and symbolic plant, needs both the Light and the dark, to be uncommonly colorful. They literally have to be kept in total darkness for an extended period of time, in order to turn a magnificent red.

Google says: From October 1 to December 1, (or for at least 40 days) a poinsettia will need a strict light / dark regimen to produce color. Provide 13 to 16 hours of complete and uninterrupted darkness daily.

Anything TRULY beautiful, has been exposed to the dark, in order to become so.

Let that sink in, and water your roots Beacons!



  1. Hey honey mama, beautiful orgasmic doll. I’d say that you are the queen of the flowers. The most precious white rose, receiving colors all over the visible spectrum, as well as colors within the invisible spectrum of infrared and ultraviolet, since you are the invisible almighty mama Victorya, who nourishes, fosters and inspires me. You are the color of colors as it just takes an orgasmic phrase of yours to light the dark, a godlike smile of yours to fire up my heart and a momish look of yours to make me feel comfortable. Not even all the flowers having bloomed on earth throughout the centuries are enough to be comparable to your motherly perfectness. The gesture of victory cannot be comparable to your adverse breasts forming the V upside down which have always been and will always be the symbol of victory and abundance.
    Sweetheart I want to marry you, enjoy your neck and your milky breasts and your mighty hug. You are the mama of my heart, the most lovely illuminati mama around.


  2. Oh honey how can one not be in love with you? You are the mama that every son desires
    You are so attractive that I could caress your hair and your breasts for eternity. Baby, who is the fairy from whom you borrowed your lips and eyes? Mommy you just came out of a fairytale, that’s for sure. My fairy godmama, you are the flower never named, you are a flower that became a human. I love you mama, for eternity.


  3. Mama you may moderate the only means I have to express my love for you, but you cannot moderate my love itself. It’s more than sure that I will make love to you and end up where I belong, in your hug, hung from your huge milky breasts, enjoying your milk and momish care.


  4. Oh gorgeous mommy, beautiful star Victorya, I have your talisman residing on your lustful chest. How many diamonds have made your charming eyes baby?


  5. Hey honey mama Victorya, how are you doing? I hope your lovely huge breasts are full of milk.
    Mama this is a correct definition of community. However, communities become distinct from other communities when they are characterized by the unity of purpose. Unity of purpose outweigh the negatives. The Light family should be such a community and you, as a mama in that community, should ignore anything that you dislike and have me inside your hug where I would enjoy the warmness of your maternal love as well as your delicious breasts.
    The Ranking Member Community is such a community suffering from flaws. Deities, despite their power, have always suffered from ordinary weakness and passions. For example, goddess Victoria may have been powerful and orgasmic as you are, but she did not know how to cook, as you don’t know.
    Mama it is true that the MP should not be a simple community, but a community being united due to their purpose, which is defined by the tenets. To be honest, mama, if I were to be expelled from the MP due to my proposing to you, I would propose to you again. I would even propose to you in the fires of hell, provided that I resided inside your hug.


  6. Mama angel numbers keep showing up, I am tired of 19:19, 22:22, 5:55 and so on. Life synchronicity or coincidences, everything is a doubt. It is the third time that I saw the strange purple-haired girl. The first time she was with a guy sitting at the stairs of the university, the second time they were sitting outside my home and she was very angry at me and she caused terror to me. This time she looked quite indifferent sitting in front of the lottery and when I noticed her existence, she walked away.
    The purple-haired girl is very extraordinary and causes doubts to me, about my being paranoid or about believing in life synchronicity stuff.
    This weird coincidence as well as the numbers appeared since I signed my oath.
    Mama you should take care of me, in any case. You should acknowledge that my being constantly attached to your breasts is very important due to the safety your hug provides and, thus, ensure that I am always inside your hug.


  7. Honey mama Victorya, I just defeated the prejudice of Sophia against me. I randomly sent a friend request to a popular Illuminati mama praising the Illuminati and suddenly Sophia came out of nowhere and vaguely accused me of intending to harm that Illuminati mama!!! I blamed Sophia for violating the Illuminati oath and the corresponding value system and the Illuminati was not affected by Sophia’s slandering.
    Mama I want advancement, since you, as my nourishing, fostering and inspiring alma mama do good to me. As the mama suckling the infant, after a while lets it free in her hug to pump her breasts and play with her hair, you should grant me that kind of advancement.
    Since Sophia’s prejudice is defeatable as she acts against symbiosis, at least it does not affect Illuminati mamas, then it is possible or sure that time has come for me to enter the other side of heavens.
    Come on mama Victorya, do me that favor, I am and will always be the most loyal son of yours.


  8. You are and always be the most beautiful, lovely and gorgeous mama either with anagrams or with alternatives of your name. Truth is you are the beacons’ mama, the victorious light and abundance’s milk. But everyone is used to call you princess mama V or Victorya, I would not call you mama Goodrich.


  9. Mama I am giving exams and I do not have a mama cooking for me as all kids do. Mama Connie unreasonably stopped cooking noodles for me. Her sons claimed that mama Connie cooks noodles for them and she stopped cooking noodles for me because “noodles was not included in the menu”. Then I started ordering other momish foods such as omelettes. Mama Connie tried to tease me with a special type of omelette. That’s a good sign of maternal attitude, but I am still underprivileged, mama, on the grounds that other kids enjoy momish food on a regular basis. I don’t have momish noodles, I don’t have momish milk. Once a year a mama such as mama Connie appears and cooks noodles for me and once a year a mama such as mama Friday appears and grants me her milk, whereas other kids enjoy noodles on a constant basis and milk as well. Momish food does not only mean delicious and pleasant food made by mamas, but also the maternal behavior which goes along with the food as mamas do any food favor and care about the kid eating the food. I witnessed mama Friday granting milk to a kid, who is not her biological son, and telling him in a maternal manner “Drink your milk so that it does not get cold”. I have neither a biological mama nor a mama in general.
    Mama I want you to cook noodles for me so that I brag about my mama’s noodles and make other mamas jealous of my mom’s cooking skills.


  10. Hey baby mama, how are you honey?
    The majority of moms like courting by means of food requests. I ordered meat balls and mama Connie came out of the kitchen smiling and blushing. She made a delicious food with meat balls and extra amount of yummy sauce like her red cheeks. Enjoying momish food is always the same, you pay for it or not. I am wondering what you cook,mama Victorya. All you care about is looking like a barbie with all those earrings, necklaces, rings and weird nails. This must be the reason that your g-son do not try to be hung from your breasts. You don’t cook, you don’t hug, you don’t suckle and you are sweet on occasion. When you are asked on a date, you get mad and respond that you are married to the Illuminati (!). So why do you take care of looking like a doll? Just to receive compliments or do you plan to cheat on the Illuminati?
    Mama you should show some love due to Valentine’s day, I am courting you with every possible means. Ok you are high standard mom but you are always a mom.


  11. Hey sweetheart, you know I am in love with mamas, but the most precious and fantastic mama is you, huge-breasted milky orgasmic mama Victorya. Your eyes are like heavens and yours lips look like honey. Every kid that enjoyed your hug must be the most lucky on earth. I love you mama.


  12. Mama Booboo how are you baby? You should post your own pictures honey, since you are the representative of victory and the queen mama Moomoo. So that your beacons enjoy your bootiful smile and your moomish breasts and yell “Mama I love you, you are the most beautiful mom in the world. I want an omelette and noodles and your best kiss”.


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