1. Baby the number one reason for deleting my comments is that you strive not to let the Light shine upon your heart and admit to loving me. You resist your maternal nature, this is bad honey. It is the reason for the emotional conflict inside your heart. There is nothing wrong in having me attached to your lovely maternal breasts and letting me enjoy your milk, while we go on a date and then I make love to you.
    What’s better and more safe for you than choosing your son, nourishing him and then marrying him? You chose your husband and it was not a good choice. Besides it is such a pity that a gorgeous mom like you does not have a son.
    This is what I am talking about Victorya, if you ask me too. It is like…I do not know what it is like, but you caused a trauma to me when you demonstrated how you hug when you hugged that kid, while you don’t even do that (((hugs))) to me, so that I feel somewhere, sometime you will hug me too.
    Every time I complain to you, you get mad, but life is so hard without your hug.
    Come on mama Victorya, hug me too. Show all your maternal love to me.
    Because this is a serious reason for going straight to the cauldrons of hell, as you will be asked “Did any kid ask you for a hug and you refused hugging him?”. You won’t have the choice for lying as I will be there providing evidence for your constant anti-maternal and negligent attitude towards me.Of course I will be burned in hell with you for enjoying your hug, mama. Love. Beauty. Honey. Fairy. Sweetie. Milky princess. Goddess. Shiny star. Perfect eyes. Adorable and lustful breasts. Blonde angel.


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