Talking Shit~

Anyone can talk shit. But can they deliver?


I see a lot of people running around flaunting the notion, they are in possession of more knowledge, than the rest of us. But what does that really mean? Most folks have no idea that information that is not rooted in FACT, is not considered knowledge at all. A major point of difference, to the discerning.

Knowledge aka factual data/information in and of itself, is of no use to anyone, if not applied. Applied knowledge is wisdom. Active application of knowledge determines whether a man remains on Earth, or can travel to the Moon. There is a HUGE differential between knowing what to do, and actually doing it.

I am never moved by those who claim to ‘know it all’. In fact, I am personally repulsed by those that do. I am only motivated by those that demonstrate an understanding of the things they have learned, in the way that conduct themselves. Everyone should learn to make this critical distinction. Behavior always speaks louder than words. Always.

It would save us all a lot of grief, if we will simply wait and watch for the actions that will back up a wise man/woman’s words, before engaging with well read, fools.

Just sayin’~




  1. The thing that is getting me is the revelation of the hidden knowledge, technology and guided history of our planet.
    This brings up the dilemma (for me) that everything we ARE exposed is in reality just what you are saying “talking shit”.
    It’s not that it is intentional or due to lack of acquired knowledge.
    The issue is the knowledge that we have been allowed to have may not be the “whole truth” to start with.
    Our greatest minds could be intentionally led down the wrong path.
    Think about it, your a brilliant physicist and your employer tell you that they want you to work on a project for stellar propulsion.
    You are told to work on a system using a particular technology.
    The math is sound so it “should” work.
    But, the ones guiding the planet has not revealed the one tiny step that is essential in the process.
    If you have ever taken a science course in university, you know you have two classes.
    There is a “theory” class, and a “lab” class.
    The instructor for the “Lab” class will tell you the theory class means nothing here.
    Not “totally” true..but the point is that there are things needed to be done in order to manipulate the theory; in order to get the system to actually work.
    So the scientist builds with no results.

    My point is it’s one thing to be able to work out a solution on paper, and something else to get that idea to actually work in the physical world.
    Everything they know is correct, but they don’t know about the “hidden key”.

    So to the world they are talking truth(as it is known) but let’s say that the next day the hidden knowledge was revealed.
    This new knowledge shows the alterations in the theory;
    And shows that in actually they were going down the wrong path the whole time.
    These people were (in actuality) “talking shit” all along.

    It has been revealed, that there is technology that has been withheld.
    And I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t end there.
    How are we to know that everything we have studied has been worth it?

    Everything we say may just be “talking shit”.
    Sure it all makes sense and the math seems solid, But…

    In a way, it’s kind of funny.

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  3. You know how if a person post something and automatically a few or more feel talked about lol, this iz tha situation for about this, concerning a post i made on fb in illuminati orientation group day before yesterday. This was not my mindset what so ever. I just wanted to bring forth what i read and how i feel about it.

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