Addicted to IAM?



For those of you following the Illuminati it’s a topic worth exploring further, because you could be addicted….to them.

Those who feel they have an addictive nature, listen up!

There seems to be a percentage of people who are following the Illuminati for whom it has become an obsession. We literally cannot get enough of them, this outreach, or the knowledge that surrounds them. While some are activated by the incredible changes they have experienced as a result of reading Illuminatiam: The First Testament of The Illuminati, or even their archived messages on their websites. Admittedly, I am one of those.

Then there are others, who are activated into a full on addiction, by the very first “like” or “retweet” they receive, from one of their social media accounts. The distinction between obsession and addiction, can be seen by what happens as a result.

As someone who has eliminated many vices of my own over the years, it is easy for me to tell the difference between an addictive obsession and passionate loyalty.  Those who have a passionate loyalty, look for ways to not only share their messages with others, they tend to create groups, forums and even attache their symbols and links to their businesses and brands. They are all inclusive about it. They want the world to know what they have found, and they tag and share the information in every possible way.

Then there are the ones who The Illuminati has “liked”, retweeted or even spoken to, who lose their perspective entirely, once they have. I have seen it several times over the years and it undermines the authenticity of their actions, from there on out.  Those things become a ‘drug’, and it stimulates them to behave in ways that are obvious to those of us who have been around awhile, or those of us who understand addictive natures. Everything they do, is primarily aimed at getting more attention from them.  The crafty of which understand that sharing their message de jour or their Ads for their offerings, increase the likelihood of a ‘like’ or retweet.

I have seen one Citizen Member build a whole brand of crazy, off of one comment the Illuminati made, in the early days of this outreach. He used it to elevate himself and lord it over others, as if he was more valuable to the organization, because of it. He set up his groups and organization in a way to fool others new to this outreach, in to thinking he was a ranking member or agent. He was so busy preening his own ego, he was oblivious to the work others were doing also. I knew he was addicted to the attention he was receiving as a result of the Illuminati’s attention, when he claimed to his follows  -he was not looking for their worship!

Brad Adams, Executive Director of the Anti-Fraud Network tells me he has observed a couple of people over the years, who were getting lots of likes, retweets and an occasional nod, who would post an inordinate amount of their links, in order to gain more. They are HaPpy campers, as long as the drip continues. Like rats with drugged water, they would travel any loop or maze, in the hopes of a mention or attention. They construct their posts, as if they have a special relationship with the Illuminati that others do not have. Even though they are often newcomers. They typically never tag others, because they want the attention for themselves; exclusively. They do not want to share the drug with anyone else. I have even known a few myself, who will take it as a sign to them personally, just because of a conversational tag, when the comment had nothing to do with them at all.

I am not gonna lie. I enjoy their attention also. A lot!!

Anyone who has been recognized by The Illuminati, surely does. Even IF, the attention has been generated by a Bot! However, I am by no means “addicted” to them. Obsessed with their message, YES! But addicted to THEM, NO!  I do not rely on their attention for my self-worth or life’s validation. They are not a reliable supplier and my vices need to be readily available for me to be immersed in them, so I could not be addicted to them, even if I wanted to!


The truth is, I know I have value to them. But more importantly, I know I am valuable, with or without the Illuminati!

If I thought for a minute they did not value my contribution to this thing, I would be in the wind~