gallery 33 Things~

Shiny white diamond on white

These are the 33 things I will be working on and towards in 2019


1) Get more congruent

2) Be more compassionate

3) Stay focused

4) Walk more washes

5) Leave HELL for a vacation

6) Be prepared for job change

7) Professionalize iMark

8) Read everything Illuminati; again

9) Call my family more regularly

10) Payoff Paypal

11) Get new technology (iPad Pro)

12) Laugh more!!

13) Seek more knowledge

14) Serve more folks

15) Rebuild my savings

16) Manifest a better smile; STAT

17) Move more mountains

18) Dance more!

19) Eat even better

20) Lose 20lbs

21) Start & keep swimming

22) Launch IAMfamFLAIR!

23) Finish “Gemstones in Hell”

24) Finish “Initiate of the Illuminati”

25) Publish & promote 23 & 24

26) Set up home studio

27) Finish my personal Testimony

28) Remember my Testimony!

29) Visit G-Sons ASAP

30) Create more

31) Take more breaks

32) Work harder

33) Remember my vows

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