Currently experiencing Part 2: The TRUE cost of following the Illuminati…

I am transmitting from HELL!!


I am completely miserable and overwhelmed. It is very difficult for me to see the Light right now, it is so fucking dim!!

However, the black crepe comes down tomorrow, regardless.

I know from experience, I will find my way out of this long dark tunnel, somehow. It surely leads to brighter days and a better view, or a return to the Light, from which I originate~

Either way, I have always been, and will always be, Victoryas!


PS: Raven flew by and told me someone was leaving. Riven passed away this evening~




  1. In my understanding & for what can be worth , first words from a known name ” Winston Churchill ” …….
    When you find yourself in hell you just keep walking …….but in my own words ……….we can’t sit on any destination for beautiful and priceless that one could see it as , we just have to keep walking , however , what could also help here is remembering that one can not see the Light to follow as bright as when one is in the dark and other times we do not see the Light to follow because we are that Light for others to follow so whatever wherever you find yourself in a situation it is not punishment more likely a Time to adjust to understand this knowledge . Love and Light sis

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    • I am deeply greatful for your words of wisdom.
      A few of the words you have chosen to express yourself, are actually keywords unlocking confirmations I am seeking. Thank you Gian!


      • No worries sis , I have been in hell for so long that the chances for me of getting lost are very slim , however was the keep walking worth it ? Well if we can’t be stay for to long in one good place I don’t see why we should even attempt to stay in a bad one , see what I mean ?know this though you never alone you perhaps get the feeling to be so , give a shout and help is on it’s way to you by things and people that you wouldn’t have even known are always there watching out for you .

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