How sweet it is~


It seems like life on Earth, is all about our personal and collective evolution.

If only everyone would clean their own house, instead of trying to clean the homes of others, humanity would evolve much faster.

But alas, far to many of us sit in the judgment seat at the base of the pyramid, with mocking condemnation for those who are farther up the path than we are.

I prefer to celebrate the accomplishments of those ahead of me. It is them, who I look to for direction. Unfortunately, it is a rarity, to find those who share this viewpoint.

However, the higher we climb, the more disconnected we become, from the negative expression of the herd mentality.

This alone, is why the air above, smells sweeter~
HaPpy Trails!

2 thoughts on “How sweet it is~

  1. Hola Ms .Ivy you are ofcourse correct I don’t seek royalties or any more than what I’ve been given by Creator. It is lonely at the top so the saying goes but I’ve been at the top of some of the strata and it’s ”different” however not that lonely and very rewarding. The base of the structure is ”the”loneliest as we haven’t any wealth to attract the others they seem to all ways have an ulterior motive and never the the real deal. Yes you are correct in the fact the we should leave the judging to those who are ”the least” qualified to pass said judgement for ultimately we end up exposing that which is intrinsically within ourself. I find that is the case with my dirty house but I only clean the visible surface and sweep the rest under the carpet and hope the it will not be exposed it however tends to show as the lumps of materials are indeed visible with time as one can hide only so much ”dirt”…

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