Good Grief?!

Please allow me to share something with you about grief & sorrow.
This might not be something you have not considered before.
It’s sort of a side note, to whatever you might already know about loss and  it’s subsequent emotional pain.
I’d like to put a new spin on a shared experience as old as mankind itself. To Lighten the darkness of grief up a bit,  if not to illuminate what a glorious honor it is to be able to FEEL anything at all!
Having a body, a physical expression, is what allows us to feel things. All kinds of gooey & mucky things.
It is what makes the earth experience so heart-wrenching and emotionally treacherous to travel, at times.
All these terrific & terrifying sensations, are largely what we are here to experience, perhaps even master.
Sorrow is the deepest level of loss. Our level of grief, is in direct proportion, to our level of connection. Like invisible strings that pull at our hearts. Not only are our emotions engaged, but it can be physically felt. Grief when profound, can literally make one feel as if they are dying.
For example, “heart broken” feels exactly like the heart IS breaking inside your chest. I have felt this myself, and marveled at the fact I didn’t bleed out and die!
Thankfully, the horrors of pain associated with acute grief, passes through on short lived waves, which lessen in severity with time.
No one wants or enjoys losing something or someone of great value to them. Even if the loss is ultimately for the best.
It simply SUCKS.
And it hurts.
It hurts like a thousands knifes stabbing at the soul.
Human beings will do anything to avoid emotional pain.
We drink, we drug, we overeat. You name it, if we can avoid it, we will.
However, denial of our grief does not make it go away. Resisting the natural & healthy urge to “hang black crepe”, can lead to further complications from suppression.
Unexpressed grief simply lies in wait, like a rattlesnake coiled & rattling…undermining our ability to heal properly and unlining all manner of deductions and addictions.
So perhaps we would benefit from embracing our temporary afflictions instead?
Knowing emotional pain is actually just a temporary, intense & uncomfortable expression, of our deep capacity to love & connect to others!
What seems like the darkest part of life, is actually just the rough edges of the incredible privilege, of being alive.

The next time you find yourself in sorrows vice-like embrace, remember for a moment…what an excruciating honor it is… to be able to feel her at all~

Namaste’ Beacons~


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    Oct 14, 2018 @ 11:49:44

    Muy. Lindo. Hermosa. Bendiciones.

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