V’s Social Engagement Boundaries~

There you are Beacons!

(revised for clarity)


I wanted to take the time to lay out my line of thinking, and share my boundaries, when it comes to engaging on social media. Since I cannot possibly respond to every request I encounter, I thought it might be helpful to know what type of things repel me, or draw me into interaction. This way I can just throw this link up, for those who are making requests on my pages. The purpose of doing this is three-fold:

#1 To avoid vain repetition 

#2 To help those with sincere interests in following my lead, understand my boundaries. 

#3 To alleviate the guilt I have felt, about not having the time to respond to everyone who asks. I needed a solution, this is it~

1.) First off, if you use the Illuminati’s profile picture as your own. I will block you immediately. In case you are not aware, scammers do that regularly. I will not entertain or interact with a scammer. PERIOD. As per the advice of The Illuminati, I ignore, report, and block.

Additionally, I get SUPER excited when I see their profile symbol in my notifications, because I think IAM has “liked” something of mine or better yet, answered a question. So it bums me out when I realize it is actually just someone pretending to be them. I really feel some things should be sacred, and The Illuminati’s profile pix, should be one of them.

2.) I no longer answer questions about HOW to join the Illuminati. It is a matter of permanent record and easily found by anyone who REALLY wants to register with them. Literally any link on my  profile page from the Illuminati’s website, will get you to that information. A simple Google search with the word ILLUMINATIAM,  will do the same. I find it intellectually lazy, to ask others to hand feed you, and not do the research for yourself. I did my own! So I’m not asking anyone to do something, I have not already done myself. When I want to know something, I will hunt it down relentlessly. 

PLUS I have spoken about it twice on iMARK Radio at: http://www.imarkradio.org                   I have added links to both c22 and iMARK websites at: http://www.imarkradio.info and  http://www.council22.com . You can also quite easily access every other possible OFFICIAL Illuminati links, from those web resources. If you visit c22 in particular at: Coulcil22.com. The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) will answer most of what someone new to this movement, thinks to ask. Part of the committees creation, was to avoid repetition for us all. While there are others in the outreach who do not mind repeating themselves ad nauseam, I am not one of them. If you truly want to know what we are all about. You will figure it out. The Illuminati is comprised of the best and brightest minds on this planet, if you cannot even figure out how to join them with all the web resources available to you… I’m thinking you are not destined to be one of them.


This isn’t a game. It’s not hand gesture based, pop culture bullshit! This is a unprecedented opportunity to become a Citizen Member of historically the most prestigious secret society, and humanitarian organization on the planet. Have some respect, man~

3.) Please do not refer to this Society as a Brotherhood when speaking to me. As a FEMALE, you alienate me immediately, by referring to it as such. While I appreciate your ignorance, because I once was as well please do not assume. I always have my image in my postings, and it better damn well be obvious I am a GIRL, or I would be mortified to learn otherwise!

This is a Society of men AND women and always has been. No truly enlightened collective of human beings, would exclude half of their species in matters of the Light. If you are holding a worldview that deems women as less than, or worse yet, ‘property’…you are not ready for this path, MOO.  There are many amazing Sisters around here, so if you cannot handle following their lead…leave now.

4.) Please do not over flatter me, when you don’t even know me. I have learned the hard way, sweet talking is always employed by those with hidden agendas. While I am worthy of respect for the things I have brought to this outreach, I am by no means the only one. To over do on me, is a minimization of those who I work hand in hand with. I would not have accomplished the things I have, had it not been for the help of my brothers & sisters, so do not single me out, right off the bat.

Unfounded adoration is not attractive to me and it actually repels. It is a prelude to deception and I am not interested in those who are not authentic. Any over the top confessions of loyalty and devotion have always resulted in betrayal. I now avoid those who come at me with that approach, altogether. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear positive affirmations and feedback once you have read or heard my work for yourself.  But it must be merited! Otherwise, it is sketchy and insincere to me. 

5.) Please do not ask me to HELP you join. To my knowledge, our Illuminatiam did not author The 66 Laws of the Illuminati, so do not ask me, or anyone else, for a “recommendation”. EVEN IF: This group operated like that, it is absolutely absurd to ask a complete stranger, to vouch for your character! No one in their right mind would do such a thing, and you are not in yours, when you ask them to.  Everyone has been given equal access to IAM, and absolutely no one can help you join, advance or rank. EVER. So just stop with the irrational nonsense. Stick to the OFFICIAL messages of  Illuminatiam, and you will know exactly what is expected of you.

6.) Please do not tag me with images of scamming profiles, vulgar music, hateful speech, porn, or anything else you would not tag your Oma in! 

7.) Please do not ask me questions and then bash me for my answer. I have been set up far too many times, by so called ‘family’, and then ganged up on, when my POV is not in alignment with theirs. We all have a vantage point separate, and apart from others. I understand how rarefied my thinking is. This is not news to me, this is my entire life. I have no expectation that most will agree with me, on many of my views. But I do expect respect, if you actually take the time to ask my opinion on something. Or do not bother asking. If I don’t answer you, it is because I don’t have the time, I simply did not see it,  or for a rare few contrarians, no answer I give is good enough asnyway, so I will refrain from engaging.

8.) If you have something you want me to see, (video etc) make sure you tag me, so I receive a notification. Often I don’t get a chance to view my feed, so I miss some juicy goodness, as a result. If you want to speak to me privately, understand I most likely will say NO. Most questions are better answered publicly, so others can benefit from the answers also. If I let you into my DMs to answer a private question, it does not mean we are now friends,  and you have unlimited access to me. Please respect my time.

9.) I block those who have proven to be untrustworthy or who are overly competitive, combative and especially hypocritical! I have even blocked those who mimic my every move, because it is just freaking creepy! I continue to block my stalkers and contrarians. If you do not see me tagging someone I once did, take the hint. Do not put us in the same convo.

Most of my blocks are temporary and do not always come from an obvious place. Please do not concern yourself with these things. Also I like to change and/or prune my followers list periodically for reasons that have nothing to do with anyone, but me. I follow folks for a number of reasons, some of which are strictly seasonal, because I am following a given issue, or line of thought or to learn more about it.

In others words, I am not here to collect friends. I am not a teenager and I recognize, followers do not equal friendships. I am not here to engage in a popularity contest. Again, it is all about The Illuminati for me. I am doing this, for them. Otherwise, I would stick to forums, and ditch social media entirely.

10.) I am not a Bank!


       I AM NOT A BANK!!

11.) I DO NOT speak FOR The Illuminati, I speak ABOUT them!! Please understand this important distinction. It seems to be lost on a few of you.

Please please pretty please remember, my iVy Taroc accounts are strictly for IAM things, and were not created for any other reason than to promote and talk about them. Think of them as my work accounts. 

Please understand I am am just boundary setting here, so it is easier on all of us going forward. This list is subject to change and expand, so please check in for updates periodically. Know that I love you guys lots and I do my best to be available, to those of you are who are sincere. However, I can no longer mentor, offer individualized advice or hand hold. There are far too many of you, in my care now. 

If you want to know more about me etc, follow my blog and listen to V’s Vox. It is my goal and role, to reach as many as possible. So my time for one on one stuff is rapidly decreasing. I do not have the time I once did and will have less as we go along. Please please please, do not take it personally~

If you have any further questions, please ask and I will address them below.


I really appreciate you taking the time to try and relate to where I am coming from, regarding my use of social media. Hopefully you will understand me better as a result, and will not take any of my actions, personally~

(Updated 11/10/19)