What name do you call “God” in your own language?


Initiate Afaq Safdar asked an interesting question on Twitter this morning, and I simply could not give an answer in 140 characters or less. But it is a great question! So I thought I would take a little time here and answer it, for those who are curious enough to know my answer.

“God” does not have one personal name that I am aware of, although it goes by many. It is not a male, nor a female, but rather the perfect expression of both, even though it is neither, and neutral. Everything and nothing, all at once.

To call it The Great Spirit, The Most High or even The Grand Architect, would suffice. Although those are more akin to titles, than personal names. To call it The Light, is the most accurate and term that I have ever come across. The Illuminati brilliantly nailed it, with that one.

I do not dialog with this omnipresent, omniscient Source of ALL, directly. Although I used to think I could, and did so, for most of my life. I did it out of pure ignorance, back when I had ‘god in a box’, so to speak. My understanding was as limited, as the names I called it by.

After decades of pursuing this eternal omnipotence, I had to recalculate my fundamental ideas about who, or more precisely ‘what’ God actually is. Once I finally began to really understand what it is, was, and will always be. My relationship to it and with it, has changed somewhat.

When I arrived at the bottom line, I changed my line of thinking to the degree, that personalizing the Light, was not just limiting, it seemed rather demeaning in a way for me. Any name I had previously attached to it, was reductive, and not inclusive enough. A title verses a name, like the ones previously mentioned, would be more fitting, in my opinion. The Light not only works magnificently, it alludes to ‘gods’ true, incorruptible and eternal nature.


When I really need to talk to someone intimately connected to the Divine, and I am not screaming at IAM in front of my television, Hehe. I offer you this….

On occasion, I do use a ‘nickname’ that personalizes our infinite, and energetic creator, down to a level I can actually relate to -for the sake of conversation or consultation. So I call it “Oliver”. 

As in: ALL-OF-HER. 

It’s a name I chose that perfectly pays homage, to not just my individual soul’s higher expression, but it also honors the Light of creation that lies within me, as well. It makes it far easier for me as a human, to dialog with myself and that which created me, if I use a moniker.

I suspect that is why there are so many names for God, after all. Which is why I loved answering this question so much. I adore this subject more than any other.

Thx for asking Afaq! You inspired me~



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