Trust & Loyalty



I belong to a group that constantly preaches loyalty.

You might’ve heard of them, they’re called the Illuminati

It is a core value to this them, so expecting loyalty from their followers is not odd.

What is strange, is that most of the folks preaching it, are incapable of delivering.

There is nothing on this planet more maddening to me, than those who preach one thing, and do another.

It would not be so ugly, if it were a rarity.

But it seems to be the norm.

(Please understand I am well aware that we are human, and we are not perfect creatures. That is always factored in everything I say. My expectations of others are almost always realistic when our humanity is taken into consideration)

Living a congruent life of words and actions takes real work. Work most folks are too lazy to perform. It takes a willingness to evaluate our own thought life and a conscience effort to make sure our deeds match our line of thinking.

I have seen folks preach charity, and not lift a finger for their own family.

I have seen folks preach tolerance, while screaming obscenities at someone, who does not share their world view.

I have seen folks bash on the lifestyles of others publicly, while doing the same things, in private.

I have seen others profess undying loyalty, while cheating on them with disgusting frequency.

The list could go on, ad nauseam. 

This is precisely why folks are leaving religious institutions in droves. We see your hypocrisy and reject it! We hear what you are saying, but we don’t see you doing it. Oh sure, there is always a percentage of folks even in the church, who live congruent lifes, but they are too few to hold sway over the masses that prefer to look good, not be good. 

The truth is, what you think about, you become. 

After awhile, the things that are hidden in your heart, become obvious for all to see, regardless of what you preach to us.

Unfortunately, most are too blinded by their own self righteousness, to take notice. They truly believe what comes outs of their mouth, even though their actions don’t support it. I am not even sure how that is possible, but I have witnessed it first had. They’re the same type, that thinks everything is to blame, but them. They find fault with others at a drop of a hat and keep moving, having convinced themselves they are above them. We in fact, they can’t linger with anyone. Because even the more naive person will catch on, and call them out. 

I caution anyone who thinks they will fool me indefinitely. While I prefer to see the best in humans, I am NO fool. Even though I trust to easily, my antenna is always up. Your true intentions will be revealed to me, because I am paying attention. You will be found out and banished from my kingdom. Anyone who has ever been close to me, knows the void it creates energetically, when I turn my Light off on you. I will not even confront you. Because once I learn you cannot be trusted, I won’t believe anything you say. This might sound totally hard core, but believe me I’ve learned the hard way.

I only unify with those of character, integrity, rationality, honor, ethics, and the ability to be loyal. Irrational backbiters, slanderers, those who harass, malign, or destroy others verbally for sport, are not my people. They never have been, and never will be. I seek to unify and bond with, the part of humanity that shares my values. The ones who truly believe, words & deeds go hand in hand. 

If this position paints me as a “Princess Bitch”, I can surely live with the title!! I have no interest in spending my limited time, with anyone who is not on their integrity game. It has been my experience, it is dangerous to do otherwise.

So the next time someone slithers up to you with exaggerated flattery, and professing immediate love & loyalty, Do not be so quick to believe! Those who carry and share those traits for real, don’t announce them.

They display them!

When someone behaves in alignment with their ideals and beliefs, you can tell.

Those are the people, most of us instinctively want to be around.

It fosters trust, when someone follows through on their words, with their actions. 

I can think of few things more comforting, than to be surrounded by those you can truly trust with your life~


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