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  1. Back off you ignorant and funny Victoria!
    Respect is a birthright because the human beings made in God’s image and according to Her likeness respect God. Godless, ignorant and arrogant creatures like you, as well as petty bas tards believe that everything is give-and-take.Therefore,respect is a matter of trade. No way!

    I respect your right to breathe despite the fact that you are an malevolent creature. Therefore, you can freely breathe.You reserve your respect for those who have earned it. Therefore, you respect your ex-husband who raped you and anyone who rapes you like a soulless piece of turd, as this is your self-evaluation, no matter how many lies you tell yourself.

    The first totalitarian viewpoint benefits humanity, as Good is abundant in the New Age. Your belief results in syphilis and in the safe conclusion that, in case you have a soul, you are ready to sell your soul and your soul is not worth a cent.

    Trust is the immoral alibi for the sickness of godless, ignorant and arrogant creatures like you, as well as of petty bas tards who they cannot withstand themselves and judge others considering themselves standards (arrogance revealed again).

    I trust you (according to your perception) to make your own choices. Therefore, you are entitled to believe whatever you feel like. You trust no one alone with your daughter. Therefore, your daughter trusts only you and follows your example. She gets raped and suffers from syphilis too.

    The absence of trust’s alibi is one of the greatest foundations of heavens. The absence of give-and-take being the opposite to abundance.

    Repent you blasphemous and ridiculous Victoria!

    At the age of 60 you haven’t learned anything. There is no eternal life for you. So hurry up and order your corpse being turned to a mummy and exposed to the museum of under-developed creatures. I bet you care about your fame after death. But, honestly, may Death gain your respect and rape you. It would be a unique chance for the Death to die from syphilis!


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