Watch Out!


One of the hardest things to do as a parent, a leader or a friend, is to watch someone head off into a given direction that you know for a fact, will dead end on them. It is so difficult to know via experience, that the path your loved one has chosen, will not end well for them. It is frustrating and gut wrenching to see the ones you love, forgo your advice and move against it. You know they are courting pain, but you are helpless to stop it. While I would gladly warn my daughter, I have learned it is not always a good idea to warn friends. Most of us think we know better and that things will be different for us. And in rare cases, this is true. However, a cliff’s edge is a cliffs edge, unless they are capable of flying.

I recently had to sit by and watch those I care for deeply, be swayed in a direction I knew would not serve them. I also knew, that choosing that path, could result in set backs for them, far beyond the obvious. Beyond a couple of hints, I did not warn them. I figured they could see I did not travel that road anymore and stop and consider why. But they did not. As predicted, it ended as I thought it would. Thankfully, those involved have learned a valuable lesson albeit, the hard way.

I have learned over the years to allow those closest to me, to be my second sets of eyes. If someone in my kingdom is concerned enough, to take the time to warn me about something or someone, I LISTEN.  Bottom line, our inner circles actually watch out for us. They do not want to see us dive head first into the shallow end of the pool.  Maybe for no other reason than, they don’t want to have to deal with the emotional fallout, that occurs as a result! 




  1. Trust is earned it takes an hell of a long Time to build and an instant to lose it but it is on its foundations that anything can be build , I have read here and there that trust is very rare , does not that make it priceless ?
    Before an helping hand or an advice will even be contemplated trust has to be build , it does not matter what I know even if I could be 100% correct if I don’t first learn skills ” Trust is one ” and use the same to do honour to the Knowledge the chances of me helping anyone are very slim , as a parent myself I can say it was more than a challange to see my owns do the things , that I knew well in advance where it would end , I have gone for it ,I have not won the best of the friendship & I knew it would have been less but it was worth the shot .
    I AM is always learning and always becoming , the map is there all is left to do is to follow drive & learn while you drive , but do not ever tell any law enforcement officer that you learn while you drive or they will come up with a way to give you a ticket .

    Love & Light


    • Unfortunately, there are many situations in life where you don’t have a chance to develop trust in someone , BEFORE you have to actually work with them.
      So there’s that~


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