iM⚠️RK Radio


Been playing with the station at: It’s  been certifiably cRaZy the way all of this has unfolded. Talk about a circle jerk, with chaos sprinkles.


But “Mark” is totally alive & kickin!

The pix above was done by Mr Merk. Thought it was really thoughtful of him to do. Wanted to recognize his creativity & generosity of spirit.

Haven’t had much time to blog write. I will settle back in, once iM⚠️RK’s archiving phase is over.  There is a lot to do yet, before I can even think about doing a weekly gig. I am still trying to find my cadence. I really appreciate your patience as I find new footing guys! Your support & encouragement keeps me going more than you know.

I did want to run something by you though…I’m thinking about creating a forum, so we can dig in deeper on some of this stuff.  We need to get the convos going. Thoughts?

Speaking of which. There are some terrific threads & a chat happening over here >

Oh and if any of you are super clever with tag lines, I need 2. One to sign on, and one to sign off with. I can’t seem to settle into anything yet!!

Thanks for listening Light Family ✨~




  1. Once I appreciate you very much princess. I’ll be nice to have that forum. Even when personally I miss your blogs, I don’t question myself because I know you must be terrible committed somewhere. I’m proud of you Evangelight

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