On a roll, about roles~

What you see happening on the world stage, is largely produced by us. It’s what I refer to as, the teenage phase of our species. All stimulation, little substance. A necessary and angst ridden stage of human development. But alas, a child will inevitably become an adult. And inherit the responsibilities and accountability that goes with the role. This is no less true, for humankind collectively.

I know without a doubt, we are eternal beings and we can & do recycle back to Earth. I believe whatever is happening here, it is ultimately geared towards reaching our souls maximum potential. We are all in different & highly individual, stages of our development towards that end. All within the framework of a larger picture. Each Age playing a monumental role in our advancement both individually and as a whole.

Wearing one hat today, does not mean you wear that same ol’ hat for your whole life, much less eternity.
Because the truth is, those at the top of their industry, game, craft etc. have played lower roles & worn many different hats, to get there!!

Stop 👆Read that again.
Anyone choosing to remain in any given position, station, or level in life…have done so Of their own free will.


I know without a doubt, that we will learn to value things differently than we do now. The storms that are coming, are a necessary part of our collective evolution.   Our individual roles in a larger design, made clear. I suspect even our definition of abundance, will be redefined as a result.



  1. Those at the top, I mean leaders in any sector have the spirit of perseverance,endurance,tolerance,forgiving and not giving up, for them to achieve what they have. I believe these people who are at the top have a vision and principles that will endure for all and must always be true to these principles, applying them to changing circumstances, no matter what comes along the way.

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    • Unfortunately, not everyone at the top, is principled. Once a true Meritocracy is established, this will change. I am excited about the future of our civilization!!

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  2. I already know everything the Illuminati knows .
    So please don’t teach me what I can teach you .


  3. Thank you for your opinion. It seems the word ‘reincarnate’ is a trigger for some. Typically the YOLO/Religious crew takes issue with it.
    How about this, so you can get your head around the concept…Let’s break it down.
    WE ARE ETERNAL! Period.
    To assume that as an eternal creature, we will never again revisit Earth, is limiting.
    But you are free to believe as you will, until you can understand the Math that supports my claims.

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  4. Thank you. This really helped me a lot. Lately I’ve been really feeling stuck at work (in real estate) and this is motivating me to try harder.

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  5. Thank you For expressing your point of view. Each soul is a unique timeless monad, that has been mathematically proven, via Ontological Mathematics. So consider adjusting your lens, my brotha~brother


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