Don’t we all just wonder, what our very own special purpose is?  

Because we all ‘know’, we have one.

Well, those who are conscious at least, know.

It has driven me right up to the edge of myself, wondering what the hell mine was! I have been chasing it for YEARS, As bright as I am, I can be dull “sometimes” too. It is not unusual, for me to miss the obvious for myself. I could more readily tell others theirs, until I discovered mine.

Not all of us know right out of the gate, what we wanna be we we grow up. Unlike some of these guys, who know straight away, most of us need time to discover ourselves in that way. Perhaps we are too spiritually shell-shocked to find ourselves back on earth, to get a plan going!! But there most certainly is one custom made, just for us. It is actually written on the blueprint of our souls. 

There are some if us, who just wander around more than others, or are mortified by the how things are going on Earth. Some have become immobilized by the fear, they won’t have time to do their thing, before the world ends anyway. So yeah, we have procrastinators among us too. And there there are those, so damaged early on, we just give up looking.

Overall, the bulk of us who are actively looking, seem to look everywhere else, but within. If we know thyself, we will know our purpose. Simple. We embody it. So much so, it is more obvious to others, than it is to us. You could probably ask your family & friends for clues, but ultimately, you already “know”. You just need to trust that knowing, and head in the direction of your dreams. Even if others cannot see or share your vision.

After years of searching for mine, I found it was hiding in plain site all along! (see Full Circle to learn more). Your purpose is too. And it is vastly more specific than, “I am hear to leave the world better than I found it”. I promise you that! We all have a part to play in the theater of life. We all have a place that is designed for us, alone. We are very much, irreplaceable.


We all have a place that is designed especially for us! No one else can play your part, exactly as you do. No one else, can replace you or prevent you from reaching your full potential, except for YOU.

Your unique role in the Universal Design can be found where your passion and talent meet. If you look back on your life from where you stand now, reoccurring themes will emerge. Even if your path has been choppy and full of side steps, there is something you keep coming back to, no matter what. Be it an idea, a craft, a skill set, a talent. THAT is what you need to explore further.

I am convinced, once you find your true calling, the Universal Design will move heaven and earth, so you may step into, the role you were born to play. Once you have found yourself, a mysterious & magical flow begins, that will propel you like unseen winds, in that direction of your highest potential.

Now it is up to you. Spend some time thinking about what you cannot forget, and you will find your way, just like I have done.

HaPpy Trails!!





  1. I know mine it is very exciting and I knew it more after the darkest hours . It is like everything have been planned before for me .

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