A REASONable God, eh?


I have always felt different than others. Not that I was special or anything like that, but rather  I always felt like the odd man out. Even as a kid, I did not buy into the majority rule. Not because I was consciously seeking to rebel, or be combative, but because a lot of what I was taught, did not seem logical.

Eventually, I unconsciously dummied myself down, in order to relate to others. This, coupled with a society that still did not expect much of women, made it easy for me not to apply myself further.

In order to cope with a deep feeling of separation from my fellow may, I turned to God. I reasoned, that God understood me, which brought me tremendous comfort. I was told that God actually loved me, so I was content with that for awhile. But over the years, and with my shifting sentiments about religion, I was unable to sustain that line of thinking. Especially because women were openly touted as “helpmates”, made from a rib bone & not equals

What started out as a message of love & acceptance turned psychologically monstrous, as it shifted into an under current of subligation & submission. I was decidedly not worthy after all, because I was not able to conform to their group think. Perhaps because, I was nothing like what the bible claimed a women should be.

I simply could not reconcile much of what was being spewed from the pulpit, with my own innate logic. What started out as a sanctuary to me, became a prison for my mind and I had to escape. Like I have said many times, I became willing to go to literal HELL, to find out more about this ‘intelligence’ that created this ‘zoo’.

Back and forth I went. In & out. Letting go of the programming was not an easy task. (A “program” I should add, I sought out for myself. My parents did not brainwash me religiously).

It took some doing, but I eventually broke free from the erroneous beliefs, based only on emotions, that enslaved me to the fantasy.

In the years that followed, I looked high & low for this so called, higher power. While I could always see the crystal thread running through all the ideologies I entertained…I never imagined that pulling at it, would unravel a path that would ask me to completely redefine who, or more precisely, what God is.

But I did. And I was only able to do so, by reason. Because let’s face it, There is absolutely nothing reasonable about a God that can create the universe, but somehow has a problem with an unclean woman, menstruating. Or a a divine entity that says do not kill, yet orders the rape pillage & mass genocide, of those who do not obey his commands.

Trust me when I say, love does NOT conquer all. Ignorance does. The gospel message of love is just a candy coating on a diabolical system of mental enslavement. It reduces humans to sheep, who chase the unseen, based on rumors of the dead. So yeah, need less to say -that did not work for me at all, in the long term.

Finally, after immense consideration & reflection, I have found what I was looking for. However most would be unable to handle the rigid and unbending truth of it. I was though, because it turned out to be so damn logical. An unwavering!

The true expression of God, does not resemble what we are taught in Sunday school , regardless of our religious, or spiritual inclinations. It has been hidden in plain sight, since before mankind ever walked the Earth. However, it is only through reason & logic, that we can access  the greater truth of this divine design. While words like omnipresent & omniscient certainly apply, so do the words, cold & calculating.

While I would love to tell you what I have learned, it is far too complicated in it’s simplicity for most folks to understand, much less embrace. At the end of the day, you must discover these things for yourself. Although…I will provide you with the same clue I was “given” as a teenager. This instantaneous thought, would turn out to be invaluable. Because when I finally arrived at the bottom line, it was woven throughout the foundation.

“I am but one equation, in an infinite expression, some call “god”.

The truth does set you free. But it is quite alarming at first, for those who have not been properly prepared. That is why, these things take time to reveal themselves to us.  Even if I wanted to, I could not get you from where you’re at right now, to my line of thinking in one post or pre-recorded talking points. It is so completely opposite of anything we’ve ever heard, that it’s very difficult to get our heads around it, even if it was handed to us on a silver platter. And quite frankly, most folks, would categorically reject it anyway, even though it has been proven, beyond any shadow of doubt.

I invite everyone reading this, to examine their belief system rationally. Be willing to   explore the nagging voice within, that you have ignored. Allow these uncomfortable doubts, to gently guide you towards the harsh Light of reality & the unchanging nature of the Truth~

HaPpy Trails guys!!


10 thoughts on “A REASONable God, eh?

  1. I have done some of the same things. When I was in school it felt wrong like it was the same process over and over. If you showed too much you were looked down on, if you showed too little same thing. I actually had to act so dumb to get a job, when I saw there was something wrong and corrected it, which was better and they use now, I was fired. So you aren’t the only one.

  2. True discipleship is more than intellectual assent, those who are really followers of Christ will hold to his word . That means they will not only accept his teaching as truth , but they will also obey his teachings. Action is proof of faith (James 2:17). True disciples of Jesus believe that he speaks the truth about God and the scriptures. They also know that he is who he claims to be.

  3. Yo pues, crecì en una familia cristiana y tampoco estoy de acuerdo con toda la doctrina y creencias allì, me incomoda que yo quiera ser diferente, porque lo soy, tenga solo que dejarme arrastrar por todo ese pensamiento. En verdad, quiero saber mas de lo que alli se me enseñò y eso es lo que he estado haciendo, de hecho eso es lo que todos los que buscamos la Luz hemos estado haciendo, buscando despertar de ese sueño, de esa inconsciencia. Yo Soy 11-Iluminado.

  4. Love is great but isn’t the answer for everything and alone cannot solve all of our problems but truth and self-discovery will. We need to find the answers ourselves and seek our own truth, even if that means splitting away from the what many others hold as gospel.

  5. Créeme Benson, no eres el único a quien han tratado de loco, pero eso es lo que debe llenarnos de motivación y entusiasmo para seguir hacía adelante en este bello y hermoso Despertari-Iluminación.

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