SOURCE changes~


Up until now, the bulk of what I have blogged about here on SOURCE, has largely been of an experiential nature.

I was hoping that sharing my situations and struggles, my feelings and emotions, would help others find the ability to view hardships, in another Light. Everything has a season, and pain is an unavoidable part of the human condition. However, how we view these things, changes everything, even how we view our traumas. I do think though, I have driven this point home enough for now.

While I will continue to write from this place periodically, I am moving into away from simple inspiration and into more thought provoking commentary. I am after all, a rational thinker and I am wanting to show more of this part of myself, to my Very FaVorites!

As far as I am concerned, there is a war going on, for our thought life. I am no longer willing to hold my tongue, on matters of extreme importance.

I sure hope you guys can hang with me, as I move into more provocative material!!  You can expect more commentary regarding world events and the issues that effect us all, going forward.

As always, I appreciate your time and I am grateful for those of you who support my efforts. Heck, I am even grateful for those who do not, as their vile protest of my existence, drives traffic and interest my way.

I thank you ALL from the bottom of my pea-pickin’ heartbone!! Now….buckle UP!



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