Silence is Silver~


Ahhhhh the sound of silence~


Anyone else prefer it ?

How about the sounds of nature?

Do you prefer that?

 I feel so out of step, preferring silence to music, on most days. So much of the background noise in my life, comes from forced entertainment. The lyrics & tones of which, can alter moods.  Literally everywhere you go, sound is being piped in, without us having a choice. So when I am in my home sanctuary, I want it quiet.  

I want to hear myself, think my own thoughts. 

And listen, to what is happening inside of me.

Some say Silence is Golden.

I say Silence is Sterling~

How about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Chime in guys~


  1. You’re right to value silence Princess. However, is silence most valuable than word? It ‘s more valuable according to the proverb “Silence is gold but word is silver.” I agree. Silence is the language of the Absolute. It can bring us to the time “before” and/or “after.” It’s the language of the All, the Spirit or God. Many people don’t like silence. I’m not one of them. They appear to be addicted to noises, external or internal. But noise can be a distraction. It may prevent people from knowing themselves, from listening to themselves (thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc). It may prevent people from interacting with the Absolute. However, noise can also help interact with people and things. It can improve our knowledge of them. Noise and silence are necessary to improve our life. There’s a time for silence. But there’s also a time for making noise. The difficult task is to know when to speak and when to be silent.


    • You are free to have any opinion you choose. On my blog, I discuss mine. That is not the sum total of everything I feel or think about Music or Silence. I do not have an ‘Either OR’ mentality. Just my own personal preferences. Keep reading!!


  2. A smart man once said if you wanna know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy,vibration,and frequency.. silence let’s you hear the waves flowing through the air..and your thought connecting with everything in existence..

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  3. Mom I’m sorry that I judged you. I deleted everything. Please unblock me on Twitter ( @ayselmeralrecep ) . Please accept my apology. I struggled with myself to write this and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Please Let
    me follow your light.🙏 I’m only human and I make mistakes. I will never do this to anyone again. Even if you don’t unblock me, thank you for the lesson.

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  4. Opinion is the Light has an effect on the vision the sound has an effect on the Heart . One guides intellectually the other emotionally . It is an opinion I AM always open to suggestions . 😊

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    • I like that very much. Vibrations & tones effect different parts of our bodies for sure. We can heal with color & music. Great observation Gian! Thank you for adding it in 🎊

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