I am pretty much obsessed with this image. My uber talented daughter Rachel, created it for “Growing Pains”. It is “my” version, of one she had created for herself. I wanted to use the first one she did, but it was too “personal”. Thankfully, she custom created a translation for me. I mad for it, it is so cool! It just captures a part of my victories; somehow…

Anyway, I am really proud of her “fine” artistry! I just wanted to make sure I shouted out some praises on my blog, for those who we not able to see it in print~


(Mama loves you Liebs)




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  1. You will be fine George, you have barely started your journey. There will be hills & valleys along the way. Not one life is unscathed by challenge. That is a myth. We all have a load. Keep at it Son!


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