gallery Holy Sex~


Folks are so preoccupied with their genitalia, it’s juvenile. I get it, I was a teenager too. But at some point, ‘strange’ should no longer be fulfilling. Where has sacred communion gone? What has become of sexual alchemy like tantric love? I personally am rarefied experience. Only the worthy, can worship at my Temple.

While I understand our hormones at their peak, include a primal urgency regarding procreation, there is so much more to copulation than simply making babies, or bumping uglies. In my opinion anyway.

It is the merging of our aura’s, our souls. It is when two literally, and spiritually, become ONE. I personally do not want someone’s chocolate, in my peanut butter, unless they possess some seriously Light filled juju. I am particular about the energy I allow into my atmosphere in this way. I think it is vastly more meaningful when we see it for the soul merging it actually is.

Think Holy Sex.

As in “wholly” immersing yourself in another spirits ‘private reserve’.


Unfortunately, in an effort to liberate our sexual repression, the pendulum has swung far beyond making love, and way back towards a more animalistic version of a sacred expression. We have crossed over, into a destructive version of soul sharing. One that is tearing us apart, rather than liberating us to explore new heights.

Now that we are introducing robotic companions into the mix, along with the other electronic props we have invented to tickle our fancy’s, we are in very real danger of losing our humanity in an effort to have a lesser organism. We are certainly losing the human touch. That is for sure. Never mind a descending slope into straight up perversion, in the name of openly exploring our fantasy’s.


To be continued.






  1. Agreed! We must inspire others to bring artistry to all things. Our infrastructure alone, is largely uninspired. Painting things natural colors to match the surrounding environment, or adding waay more artistic elements & whimsy, would immediately change the feel & mood of the community. It would have a measurable effect on psyches and creativity as well. We really need to think outside the box, in all things going forward.
    Thank you for your thoughtful replies. I really enjoy hearing your point of view!


  2. Princess your words and stories r very inspiring I’d like to extend my offer of help in whatever i can assist with, I’ve found my place in illuminati newly joined but knew there was a place for me most of my life. I just want to thank u for sharing your life, again you r inspiring to me!I’ve travel a long road to get here Been through quite a lot but that only serves me as to be able to help others along the way!. Thank u so much for being here.

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  3. Ma’am if I may add something about current youth, sexual relations among people has become a common phenomenon. There is period in which a partner likes his/her partner or after some time simply doesn’t. This is due to hormones which are secreted in our brain when specific stimuli are applied to our senses. That generally includes opposite sex or sometimes maybe even same. There also is a constant change of partner, depending upon monetary variable available most of the times at a guy’s side. So single guys are slowly learning it. And maybe they’re really really pissed.


  4. Sister. I love this post. I believe this so strong heartedly and I had to go through finding out the hard way that a woman’s body is a temple. The woman is the most sacred thing on the planet. Nothing is as beautiful as a woman 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐥. Thank you sister. Much love and respect to you.

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  5. Preach it sister!!! i don’t get how people can process in their mind that its okay to just open up to anyone just because everyone else is doing it..i hate seeing teenagers talk about having sex at like 10yrs old like hello!!!!that’s not an accomplishment,that is you just being a disgrace against all humans..i personally wont even talk to someone if their giving off weird energy,and when i do i am mature about isn’t a game it’s something that should only be done if a couple feels like they are one in existence bind together as one energy as a whole that’s how it should be..ahhhhhh!!!! sometimes i feel like most humans are stupid….

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    • Hahahahaha Thank you for your passionate contribution J-Light!
      I am highly concerned some folks lack the comprehension skills, to dig deeper on these mysteries. So I feel ya my Brotha~

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  6. Bravo Princess! You’re right! Sex is more than a necessity to perpetuate the human species. Unlike, other mammals, humans can copulate and give birth to babies at anytime during the year. However, sex can also be an opportunity for the two to become one not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually and cosmically. This particular aspect of the cosmic principle of Gender is necessary for manifestation on the spiritual, mental, astral and physical planes. Sex is about more than physical pleasure. It’s also cosmic pleasure. Some even compare sexual orgasms to cosmic explosions. I agree. You need physical orgasm to have a new human being on earth. You also need cosmic orgasm to have a new star in the universe. As above, so below. As below, so above. It’s sad that people appear more attracted to the physical, mechanical or animalistic aspect of sex. No wonder after millennia of suppression of the divine feminine and the demonisation of sexual pleasure. I hope that one day, people will rediscover the other aspects of sex. Orgams can open a gate to other dimensions. It happens to me from time to time.

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    • Thank you so much for adding your brilliance to the conversation!! We just need to come into balance. We have swung way out into the wild with it. We really do need to explore the higher vibes it can offer too~


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