gallery To my loyal readers~



Just an FYI to those of you who consistently support my scribbles…

Your encouragement means the world to me!!

I appreciate you guys so much, and look forward to your comments, like you wouldn’t believe.

Keep them coming!

If there is a topic you would like to see me cover, please leave your suggestions below.

Thank you for allowing me to serve your Spirits, some fruit-juicy inspiration, with a side of, spicy rant & satire~



  1. Mama you look awesome like Beatrice. You could describe Beauty, because she is the Truth. You could also analyze Victory and the ladder to success. Telling fairytales except for Robin Hood, the sleeping beauty, Peter Pan and other famous ones, and sharing music of your choice would be nice too.

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  2. Greeting Sister v, ljust love your wisdom And lam from ours portal too.but you bring more light and deep understanding to A Subject!,Yes! Iam following you too Lol,The portal and on fb is to much disrespecting and judgmental people there. Personally, l see you as a honorable Illuminati member!!,Not like how others do. Iam also A rosicrucian too/That why l can recognize great wisdom.Can you please speak from your understanding About the symbol of The EYE.And Thank you for your service And HappyNewYear!.

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