Fake it, till you make it!


This age old expression, actually taps into what we in the modern world, have come to know about manifesting, without actually knowing it is a way of manifestation.

It is about telling yourself the right lies, so your brain will be reprogrammed to do you bidding. Not unlike what your television is doing right now.
At first, I did not like this statement. I typically loathe lying, even to myself. I felt it suggested that lies are OK on some level, and I was struggling to keep my honesty as pure as possible.
So this really did not sit well with me at first. But the longer I sat with it, the more I was able to see the immense value in it.

Our brain are quite remarkable. They operate very much like our computers. It is all about the data. “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, we used to say.
To a truth seeker such as myself, it seems foreign to tell myself lies as a means of advancement, but the brain is not able to discern the difference.
If someone says you looks fat in that dress, even in jest, only the statement itself, gets recorded, not the laughter. So by the same token…
If I say I am the Crowned Princess of the Illuminati to myself enough, I will begin to believe me. Then my behavior & actions will follow suit. It is really just that simple.

It feels odd to tell yourself something that you know is untrue intentionally, although we do it all the time subconsciously. We are actually lying already, when tell ourselve things that are untrue, as a result of the programming of others. Things like: we will never amount to anything, we are unworthy, unloved or ugly & stupid… you name it. Any thought, no matter how fleeting, if repeated enough and powered by emotion, will begin to materialize. These “lies” are really nothing more than insidious affirmations, of the things we have agreed to believe in. They will root in and change the way we see ourselves, even if we do not see ourselves in alignment with that reality, when we first begin. We should never underestimate the power coming out of our own minds. It is a creator like no other, and should be respected as such. If your life is a mess…all you have to do, is witness your thoughts, to determine the root.

It is child’s play really. How many times have you seen children role play? They fully embody, that which they are pretending to be. I see no difference. Kids naturally know they can take on any role they wish. It is a no-brainer to them. It is only through the words of others, that the lose their organic belief in their own dreams. It is our own thinking that  constructs our reality. Manifestation comes straight from our thought life. Children are born knowing this remarkable and magical truth. Watch them, they are naturals at it. Encourage them, to focus their minds on what they desire. It will come to them in due course.
It is the incubator of those things you want to experience. Both positive and negative.

YOU are the one who actually co-creates your reality and it is imperative I remind you of this. You have the power to change your circumstances, by speaking your life into existence, in any way that occurs to you.  So dream on! Think your way, into the life you would prefer. Watch what you say to yourself, is it hindering, or helping?

Bottom line: You truly are, who you SAY you are!



    • Oh awesome!! We all struggle my friend. ALL OF US! Thank you for taking the time to let me know this one was helpful to you!
      PS: I happen to have a online radio station if you are an Initiate of the Illuminati! http://www.imarkradio.io Check it out!


      • Yes, I am an initiate, I’ve seen you a few times in the community comments sections, you are a very interesting person, and thank you for the link, I shall check it out 🙂

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  1. I want to get the first testament Illiminatiam.please help me with one if possible I can pay for it. Because I have a problem with the Amazon account .


  2. Indeed you are a princess I can see that crown. Madam V, there is power in someone’s words, the key to better life, death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit. So I will continue dreaming of becoming a ranking member of the great organisation

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