Leadership Styles~


The over simplification and false expectations, of what it means to be a leader, is disheartening for me. I feel terrible for world leaders, in our current cyber-bully society. It is straight up childlike, to have an expectation of perfection, from any human, in any role. But the public readily expects this regardless. It is so beyond rational, I thought I would do a quick memo on the topic.

This is how I see it…

There are as many leadership styles, as there are leaders. No two humans have exactly the same ‘flair’. We have all been led by someone. From our parents, to our teachers, professors, and on to our siblings we look up to, and the many bosses we have worked with. We all have been exposed to a variety of ways, in which others lead those in their care. You have likely had both wonderful and wacky folks lead you. These people are your educators. Pay attention to the things you both admire and are angered by.

The trick is, to develop your own unique style, by watching those who both have maddened and mesmerized us, with theirs. Those who glean from many “guru’s’, have a broader and more enriched knowledge base, in which to lead others themselves.

Additionally, it is a never ending process of development, for those who seek and hold a master in leadership. All those who lead, are a work in progress, no less than we are. But they also have access to a vantage point, we do not. So go easy on folks, extend some mercy. Watch with an intention to learn, not label.

Any expectation of perfection you have for your current leaders, will be expected of you someday. That is why a crown is seated with thorns. Trust me when I say, it’s preferable that we promote consistency in leadership, over echoing criticisms of our leaders miscalculations.

As you follow those ahead of you in anything you do, look for and look to be, a leader who gets it right, most of the time. Rather than crucifying and ruminating over those, who will never perform perfectly for us, anyway. It impedes our progress, when we stop moving forward and allow the missteps of others, to dictate our own dance.

In so doing, we will find far more amazing leadership attributes to incorporate into our own styles, than we will, by demanding perfection, in order for us to learn from others.

Remember every leader on this planet, was first a follower. And most continue to look to other leaders for positive inspiration, mentor-ship and guidance. Those who are preoccupied with taking the inventory of others, just to criticize them, are stuck in the mindset of a follower. Just because they attract people that want to throw in with them, and follow after their negativity, does not a leader make.

ALL things serve those, who watch with objectivity. An exceptional  leadership style includes a willingness to sit in observation, not condemnation. They know that everything they witness, be it positive or negative, edifies ~



  1. Hello Princess V I am very happy of the opportunity that you we agreement has we new initiate of Illuminati has you contact and you soumetre directly our questions and concerns. I also takes into a Hi your force of nature inner has want good and perfection the full objective and program that you head, that the Sky keeps you and each hair White on your head represents a year of your beautiful life. you been blessed

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  2. ” The trick is, to develop your own unique style, by watching those who both have maddened and mesmerized you, with theirs. Those who glean from many “guru’s’, have a broader and more enriched knowledge base, in which to lead others themselves ” .

    V , I don’t appreciate people for no reason and I have my good reasons to appreciate your ways , it is Brilliant !!

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  3. As a leader when communicating,coaching,developing others,giving feedback or making decisions we need to crystal on our judgments and our observation which are which


  4. Thankyou sister v, you have been an inspirational to me and I admire that one day I should be like you. I feel a leader’s most important role in any organization is making good judgments,well informed,wise decision that produce the desired outcomes. A judgment that is not successfully executed is a failed judgment no matter how smart the strategy. Thankyou madam for the wonderful information, I appreciate


  5. Short but deep. You are truly an inspiration, and you are greatly appreciated. You’ve been through so much, but you fought your way through, and became so strong. I really admire you, and your insight. Thank you V. You always make me think, and reflect. Your word help and encourage me to strive harder, to be the best me I can.


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