Crazy Diamonds~



We are all facets on the same brilliant gemstone.
Each of us uniquely crafted, with our own fire and reflection.
Every cut and grind we experience, is shaping us into better versions of ourselves.
The more we are refined and polished, the brighter we will shine, in a world of rocks and shadows~

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  1. What it means is that when we are facing problems in real life,somehow we are refined for us to be baked into a proper human short after being baked we will be like diamonds because by then all our impurities could have gone.

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    • Words matter to me. I suggest you verify them, before you correct me.

      v. To emit light.
      v. To reflect light; glint or glisten.
      v. To distinguish oneself in an activity or a field; excel.


      • Ma’am you’re right. That is indeed a meaning of shine. But a light ray will typically undergo TIR (Total internal reflection several times before finally refracting out of the diamond. Because the diamond-air boundary has such a small critical angle (due to diamond’s large index of refraction), most rays approach the diamond at angles of incidence greater than the critical angle. Didn’t mean to offend you ma’am just contributing. That’s the metaphor I used for humans. Humans gain knowledge, process it and then impart it.


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