gallery Thank Full~


v. To express gratitude to; give thanks to.

I am extremely thankful today, for those of you who faithfully, followed my scribbles & sayings.


I appreciate your encouragement, feedback and support, more than you could possibly know~

I am truly THANK FULL guys!!


  1. Wow! You look beautiful, strong and lovely sweetheart, mwuah!…Well, I personally appreciate the information you share. It really lifts me and significantly boosts my understanding towards the Light. Good work V, keep us more informed.

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  2. You are my mentor, I have joined you because I am impressed with what you have been posting. You are a great leader, you know the way,show the way and goes the way.congratulations Sister V

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  3. iVy Taroc aka Princess V~ or “▼”, is history’s 1st publicly recognized Citizen Member Initiate, to be “verified” & attain L1.1 in the modern era of The Illuminati. V is the Source of inspiration for & behind Council 22 & the Apex Advisory Board. She is Principle Founder of iMark Radio.

    Her only stated purpose is: To help folks find & follow the Light~

    “If we can’t find new leadership to guide us on to the next level of our spiritual development, we must become them” V~

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