My purpose is simple.


I just wanna reach, my maximum potential~


However, I can elaborate. because this holds true, for everyone. That is why, we all have a place in The Universal Design.

At our core, our soul is pure Light & Potential. There is a blueprint written on each of us. No two, exactly the same.

We can discern our roles, by looking at reoccurring themes in our lives, and consulting our inner navigational systems.

There are many ways to do this.

Probably as many ways, as there are people. Many like to meditate. I like it quiet…so I can hear myself think. Many get  answers through dreams, others have visions.

The whole universe will scream at us, if necessary.  Virtually anyone or any situation, carries messages that will help us, if we get stuck. There are signs & symbols everywhere. And of course. Dominoes.

A ‘Will to Power’, resides in us all. It is encoded in all of humanity, to push towards our maximum potentials, both individually & collectively. It is the energy of evolution.

We are all born equal. However, we all do not use our potential, equally.

That is why we see others ahead of us, and in possession of, the things we desire. At any time, we can choose to engage in the behaviors, that will help us realize our dreams. No one holds anyone back, from manifesting our maximum potentials. We are actually pushed towards them.

The only thing we have to do to get started, is look within.

And listen.

The Light inside us, is more than HaPpy to help Illuminate our way forward~


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  1. I’m curious abt your opinion on whether our purpose is imprinted on us at birth or if our actions in life determine our purpose. I believe our actions determine our future, but I’m not sure abt what I believe in terms of those actions being something that we are guided towards when one follows the light or if our actions are guided by an innate imprints we have at birth. What are your thoughts?

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  2. Finding and living one’s purpose in the universal design appears simple to some but very complex to so many others.

    But if only we listen carefully to our inner compass and guidance, we cannot but fulfill our purpose!

    Thanks for sharing a purposeful and meaningful thread herein!

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  3. 🔺 I feel I have been grounded in a sense that I feel I’ve hit bottom spiritually. A crossroadz or “MAZE”. I know what I am striving for but have found roadblockz in each direction. So to say only way is up would be true though it has driven me to think what is tha purpose of such struggle or “hardship”.

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  4. It’s true we are here for purpose, by design and reason.we are born equally but is it true that we can use our potential equally. I feel environment where someone was brought up determines everything.it helps to shape someone


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