gallery Light Poetry~




You tell me, what’s inside,

You tell me, what you override.

You tell me what you won’t look at,

And I will shine my Light on that~

If you can’t see, who you are,

If you can’t see………….that far.

If you can’t see what you’ve become

I’ll shine my Light on ya some~

If you don’t know, who I AM,

If you don’t know, your master plan.

If you dont know where to turn,

Follow the Light within, to learn~




I am in your entire being,
Even those incapable of seeing~

I AM, your central sun,
A Light-force, you can’t outrun~

I cast the shadows, you dwell in,
And rise above, all human ‘sin’~

So UP & down, it’s ALL mine,
I am, the eternal shine~



  1. V, I need more revelation about this Light. I have read many of your articles and a few more others but I still feel I need to learn more. That inner compass which directs us towards the light. How can nurture it…what can we do to give it full control of our lives?…recently, I was in a very difficult situation. Out of it, I learned very many lessons, one being a testimony about the existence of a supper being in us which at times propels us through tough situations…Things just happened automatically, things I didn’t expect to happen at that time and I believe that was the Light leading me out of that devastating situation. Now, I would like to take control of it. I don’t want things to happen naturally, I want to be able to call upon this light where never I need it. Where do I start and how do I do that?

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